Sunday, March 15, 2009

[Tournament Report] Asian Championship 2009

After getting thrashed by BF for really many times, I have converted to the dark side. Yes I thought really hard about playing it ever since I told myself not to play it! But oh well...

Match 1: Mirror XOX

It is Ming Ta again! Well nothing really notable in the first round except me summoning Gale to ram into Dark Armed to fulfil the 3 dark for my own Dark Armed. Third round was very quiet till he had Brain Control and Hurricane. I think it is fated to meet him on the first round and lose it just like last year.

Match 2: Gladiator Beast XOO

It was Rescue GB! Nothing spectacular till the third round. Shura Blast Gale Storm Reborn and Black Whirlwind, best hand in the whole world! Dark Dive is overpowered.

Match 3: Mirror OXO

God Bird attack is really God! Starting first puts you at so much advantage. I kept using it at the end phase and my Shura just keep summoning all those extra BF.

Match 4: Burn Beat? OO

Nothing really special here except the usual BF rush!

Match 5: GB OXX

This is where I turned really retarded. I guess I was playing to carefully and did not have the guts to make that attack. But he really had alot of set cards! Found out later if I attacked could've won haha. Lesson learnt.

Overall I think it was ok. Not say I got thrashed really badly, only the last match was considered nice since it was against a friend. Even if I won, I don't think I could make it all the way and win since I really did not have that feeling. Many thanks to the people who lent me their BF cards (especially god bird attack and sirocco) even though many people probably asked to borrow as well.

Conclusion: I probably will not play BF ever again since the next tournaments will have Arcanite Beat running all over already. I still prefer AKB!

Congrats to Alex aka Angryboy!


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