Tuesday, February 17, 2009

While waiting for the banlist....

You tend to get bored. Playing the same old deck that might just die a week from now. Making a new deck gets your creativity going, even though the next week your deck might just get axed too.

As for now, I am playing Deformer deck that I have to play secretly otherwise I would attract the constant remarks from DS on how I should properly play them. Yes half the time I don't know what the hell amI doing but spamming the field is a little amusing. And besides, I don't see anything involved in a deformer deck going into the list anytime soon.

Another deck that I am trying out is Power Tool and Plants. Using Power Tool to search Seal of Rose and Seal of Heritage every turn is pretty crazy =/

And of course black feathers, it seems that if you played really alot of "Sure to win" you will alot of BF cards, so I think everyone should have one! Honestly, the only card that is overpriced is Sirroco, and the deck don't even need it. The rest is pretty much Dark Armed and Allure which almost everyone have! Until people start jacking up the commons too =/

Random: Sure To Win also commonly known as Suay to win is a game we play whenever a new booster is out. Basically we buy a box, open them up, pick randomly till no more packs are left. Whoever gets the foil pays for a fraction of the box money. Of course the amount for each rarity has to add up to the box money. Sometimes it is good when there is holo since every foil will be cheaper. And good for those who just wants to get commons and rare, as good as free. Unless you are Suay and get foil!

Random 2: I got my 5th Ultimate Rare Aslla Piscu from the above today wtf wtf! Pain..

Random 3: Have you ever guessed what are the foils that you might get from a fresh box? Well Today I did and I guessed correct!

I guessed
- 2 different earthbound Gods
- Trident Dragion
- Forbidden Chalice
- Sea Dragon thingy
- Core Chimair Valavar

Which is basically the most horrible combination you can get in a box LOL! Oh Sam bought the box, not me =)

Edit: I realise getting Rockstone Warrior instead of Chalice would make it worse! But I guess it didn't come into mind at that time.

Sorry Sam. Please don't stalk me!


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