Thursday, February 12, 2009

Raging Battle damage report.

Ok so it is finally here and full spoilers should already be up by now. Haven't really looks through the list.

So today spent about 100 and so far I got ok cards =/

HR Power Tool Dragon
UT Power Tool Dragon
UR Power Tool Dragon (traded away for steven's lousy Trident)
UR Explode Wing Dragon
UT Explode Wing Dragon
UT Aslla Piscu x3 (Time to play this, its a calling)
UR Ccapac Apu
SR BF Pitch Black Elfen
SR Core Chimair Power Hand
SR Forbidden Holy Cup
SR Core Chimair Varavar

And a stack of commons. Oh well, at least got holo. Yesh for 5d's Holo collection ^^

Many great cards to slow the meta now.

Here are some good cards that you might wanna consider keeping.

- Crazy good when used to summon Goyou Guardian! Almost guaranteed monster unless of course you get bottomless.

Core Chimair Power Hand
- Metabeat love.

Enhanced Human Psycho
- A 4 star 2500 beat stick, no complains!

Mirror of Curse Words
- This owns GB, Diabolic, Lonefire, Teleport and possibly Rescue Cat. What more can you ask!

Swallow Return
- Hmm, more GB hate.

Grave of the Ancient Living
- Crazy good. But of course that is in the current meta, once meta changes to beatdown, this will probably be worthless. Refer to above.

See how Konami is trying to psycho you to play crazy beatdown deck!

I am purposely skipping Black Feather stuff coz it did not require anymore advertisement.

I wonder if I should play Deformers, I've had enough of people going "I am going to play a BF deck!" and I don't wanna be one of them =(


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