Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Ban list is up! Undead synchros go down!

Hello hello people, yes finally im posting. Meant to post since the release of raging battle, so that makes it a week ago... But seriously no time. Anyway, nothing exciting about raging battle as everyone knows, except for deformers (LOL!). I build finish a deck based on the new ban list already then i do some discussion on it.

Anywayz, yes, ban list just came out today! As per previous, there was a fake ban list sent out yesterday also. (I see 3 card gunner i think ho sei liao! Sadly fake list, ah well) Anywayz, first is the ban list changes as belowz.... Courtesy of Shriek, link here http://shriek.twoday.net/

Forbidden Cards

Restriction Cards
Chaos Sorcerer
Gladial-Beast Bestarori
Goyou Guardian
Zombie Carrier
Dark Armed Dragon
Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Boundary
Urgent Teleport
Card of Safe Return
Reinforcement of the Army

Semi-Restriction Cards
Goblin Zombie
D-Hero - Diabolic Guy
Raiza the Storm Monarch
Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest
Destiny Draw
Gold Sarcophagus
Allure of Darkness
Mind Crush

No longer restricted
Manticore of Darkness
Twin-Headed Behemoth
Phantom of Chaos
Book of Moon
Nobleman of Crossout

Alright people, some thoughts as usual on the list follows....

Forbidden cards no change! - Well now, everybody expected Monster Reborn to go in, with all the comments on it being a mistake, etc. But hey, now we have 1 COSR left, so.... Nothing that imbal about it left maybe?

Restricted List
Chaos Sorcerer - This one to 3 also no issue I think. Wonder who will use this besides twilight deck maybe? Well, it "helps" stop baboon which is back so....

G-Beast Beastari - Finally going in! This alone helps reduce Gyazarus appearing to disturb so its good. Not sure how big it would affect though. (Restricted to 2, I still could kill 3, AND still have it come back, irritating lor)

Goyou Guardian - Too many people doing a summon 2 of this and summon something else for OTK, plus effect is abit imbal. (Its bullshit when you summon 8 star synchros and have to worry of a 6 star owning it totally and then joining your opp field)

Zombie Carrier - Free revival, dark makes easy discard, part of the reason 1 armageddon knight can become a goyou easily etc, so whats not to expect?

Dark Arm Dragon - 2? I played 2 before it got restricted anyway, no big diff. Now 1 would make a difference. Sad though, was hoping to see someone summon DAD, clear field, then sac Strong Wind? LOL, quite big trampler siah. Ah wellz, wonder why Judgement didnt join too but 4 lightlords is that bit harder to get maybe?

Brionac - Dont understand why? Obviously never see Jeff play before. You know what is called first turn abuse this card and do FTK? Even at 1, it does not affect that much also, since 1 is often what you need just to kill your opp...

Mezuki - Finally, no more Burial from DD and suddenly 3 free monsters appear

Urgent Teleport - Yes, the 1 card which made everyone think SYNCHRO OMG()!@*$)(DJF! So yes, if anyone did not expect this ought to get bashed up. Heck even this machine user abuses 3 copies.

COSR - Yes, 2 did not affect much as obviously seen in Undeads, so 1 it is!

Reinforcement - Too many strong effect warriors now splashing in every deck, and too easy to use. My previous deck runs 3 warriors I also play 3 to speed up the deck...

Semi Restriction
Goblin Zombie - Yes, easy searching zombie master, mezuki, carrier, combine with repeat abuse using mezuki, etc, caused this

D-hero Diabolic - Back in he goes, Konami test test, but at 3 was just too strong. D draw to 2 some more, guess i wont see him for awhile

Raiza - Ah... abit late siah... How many people use this now. But then now we have graveyard of ancient crap etc, so yes, I forsee monarch diehards returning

Green Baboon - At 2.....
Edit: Still pending confirmation, but from checking several sites, I believe the new ruling is you cannot sp summon when beasts die of battle, only by effects, so... Throw!

D Draw - Hmmm, 5 million years later.....

Gold Sarcaphagus - Previous ban list was like a ... You survived 2 turns against undead synchro? Cool! Well, something like that. Either way, who even plays 1?

Allure of Darkness - As expected. Well 1 less draw engine for BF

Ultimate Offering - I can see it now... 1st turn cover offering end turn. 2nd turn open black whirlwind, summon any BF and begin OTK session. Delta reverse kill back field, woohoo! Machiam pumped up version of the previous gadget + offering combo

Mind crush - Hmmmm. Did not expect this back. Good for the monarch players i suppose?

Manticore - Weee, COSR combo for Exodia! Wait, COSR to 1? (Flings out window)

Twin Head Behemoth - Wah, can use 3! Wait, only 1 of them can use effect since effect is per duel? (Next fling out window)

Phantom of chaos - Cool, 3 for the win! Eh, all the stuff it usually copies (DAD) just kenna restriction. (Window outside getting dirtier)

Book of moon - Oooo, 3 can stop synchro better! Wait a sec, did I even use 2? (Its piling up!)

Nobleman of crossout - Wah retro siah, must test! Erm, does anybody even cover face down, or more like recently i got survive over 1 turn? (NEA is called in to clear the mess)

And there you have it, this is DS's view on the ban list! Kinda weird nothing entered forbidden list this time round but something refreshing i guess. And yes, I promise to post again soon after some brainstorming on ban list with my deformers. Meanwhile, time to clear the mess outside my window before I get fined!


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