Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Raging Battle Reviews

Alright guys, time for me once in a long while post again. Well, but I only post when something interesting in released anyway (Damn Gold Series, I shall begin Watapon burning ceremony as well! Dueling days bloggers are cursed, though sadly this blogger is poorer then the other blogger)

Anywayz, the topic for today is the upcoming pack in Febuary Raging Battle! Heres a few notable cards from me and some thoughts about them!

Level Warrior!
Time to throw out your Magical warrior, imo, this thing is better to use. Sure you lose out on the direct attack and the take no damage effect, but this will let you summon your monarchs for those Monarch tele decks, and yet, work well with your synchro decks at the same time. If you use cards like debris dragon, it will also easily bring out DDB, black rose, etc. So not bad card, no?

- BF Series

BF-Blizzard of the north pole
Easy Goryu guardian/Brionac? Effect also reusable with dark eruption, etc. This may also be a common search target for Black Whirlwind. Just summon something and hit, search blizzard, if that dies next turn summon blizzard and hey it comes back.

BF - Arms Wing
Best target to summon out with Blizzard, plus it makes for a 2800 trample monster. So I guess BF will concentrate on 6 stars, with goryu to take out atk mode monsters, Arms wing to take out defense mode, delta crow take out m/t, sounds like a toolbox deck is coming into shape, no?

Black Whirlwind
Quite imbal imo, considering the 2 cards from previous set which states sp summon when you have a BF on field. So this makes it as more like a, once per turn, sp summon 1 BF from deck kinda effect. Up to you to use Black wind, dark eruption or whatever methods, but end pt is having BF in hand to normal summon and spam with whirlwind is abit TOO easy imo.

Delta Crow - Anti Reverse
If you main deck copies of the sp summon monsters from previous pack with black whirlwind, this card is TOO easy to use. Somehow Im reminded of Mai's harpy deck from the anime which had 3 harpy feathers to main.

- Core Chimair series

Urgent Synthesis
Free revivals are alwasys good, though this card's condition MAY be abit difficult.

Reckless Power
Well, another m/t destroyer, looks quite good, considering that it is easy to have steel core in hand once you draw it, and m/t destroyer is always desirable.

Automatic Laser
Similar condition as Reckless power, and also very easy to use. This card covers all the 1k to 1.9k atk monsters, which are quite everywhere in tele decks. So its useful, but stronger then bottomless? Well this card takes out krebenos, so....

Well, the more notable monsters have already been mentioned so enough about that. As mentioned by Baha, looks interesting, but imo not enough support yet (More like the current support abit useless) so this will have to wait abit more.


Alright people, here's my review on the new deformer cards which you guys have been waiting for. Or rather, more like I will put the combos into place. As mentioned by Baha, the key cards in the new combo will be videon, junk box, and one for one. And of course, the star is as per usual, mobilephon. The new cards however, make deformers from a "block and direct attack until I win", into a "quick summoning and deal high damage direct deck"

The main card in this combo will be One for One, as it searches out Mobilephon, while loading the grave yard at the same time. Simple combos such as, dropping radio, summon mobilephone, hopefully mobilephone effect hits and radio cassette comes out, Junkbox revive radio and tadah, standard deformer combo of 900 + 1800 + 2000 + 2000 = 6700 damage!

For more combos using remocon, it will consist of either dropping remocon with one for one, then revive remocon with junk box, remove a 4 star in the grave to search out which ever 4 star monster you lack (radio or cassette) and the usual spam field.

Furthermore, with the deck built up with remocon, it is rather stable to play up to 2 copies of DDR, at least from what I can see. So the field gets even bigger by playing DDR so this turns into a full sp summon deck. With 2 DDR and 1 power of unity in the deck, assuming you dont draw 1 of them, you can also summon the new power tool dragon! So you either increase your field size with DDR, or increase damage with unity. Either way is good, and you can consider more equips to go about it.

There are several more combos which are available in this deck as a searcher, such as removing old copies of remocon in grave to search for bodon to allow direct attacks and so on. You can even consider playing even more equips and using videon in the main deck to up the damage. But in the end, its up to your playing style to see how you want to build it.

I only know 1 thing, Im removing D-field from my deck for sure, 3 copies of junk box and one for one for me! For a deck list, you will have to slowly wait until after confirmed ban list is released. I usually take my own sweet time to build decks during this period.

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