Monday, January 19, 2009

Thoughts on Raging Battle

Black Feathers

If anyone has seen the spoilers you would know how much more powerful BF are gonna get. I think they might have a chance at being a competitive deck not that it already isn't. I'm sure some of us has seen BF decks appearing here and there in some tournament scene. I'm just gonna select a few cards that really have potential.

Blizzard of the North Pole
- A junk synchron-ish effecy. Easy synchro and great to swarm the field to do that Delta Crow Anti Reverse! (More on this later)

Shura of the Azure Flame
- Another super card to help you swarm the field. Which card allows you to summon another big 1800 beatstick after killing a monster! And we all thought Hydrogeddon was gay!

Black Whirlwind
- Is swarm the new in thing? I hope Konami puts something to control this people.

Delta Crow Anti Reverse
- Harpy Feather Sweep! Nothing can be Gayer! It is probably situational and it probably won't replace Heavy Storm but hey, it was really crazy back in the days of Harpy Feather + 2 Heavy Storm and 3 Cyclones! GG Metabeat/GB/Permission decks!

The most important thing is, they are all dark. Dark Armed is like a natural thing to add in here and then there is also Allure. The deck would have that draw speed, that crazy summon OTK thing which will also end with a Dark Dive here and there with no problem at all. The thing to do now is look for that Sirroco now while you still can!

Core Chimairs

Another new theme that is introduced. All of them requires the Steel Core or their monster type for upkeep but all the monsters have really strong effect!

Core Chimair Drago
- This is crazy good, 4 star 1900 dragon which prevents all light and Dark monster from getting special summoned!

Core Chimair Devil
- This is also crazy good! Negating all effect of monsters in the field plus the grave.

The rest are pretty normal but still good generally. I am too lazy to read about the rest of them but we'll see what happens =)


Next on the list is Deformers. I think I would leave it to DS to elaborate on the theme since he is more familiar with it but from what I can see, the following cards have huge potentials as well. They can do alot of deck searching, and generally for Card Games, the deck that has the most consistentcy wins!
- Remocon
- One for one
- Junk Box

Yes guys, no more laughing at the guy who is playing deformers =(


So how competitive would these Themes be? Most likely the Undead Synchro Craze will die out after the next banlist. March Banlist are always the ones that put the meta decks in control.

Next Update: Banlist prediction!


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