Thursday, January 29, 2009

March 2009 Banlist Speculation

Ah time passes so quickly and we are here again at this time of the year.

As we all know that this banlist has just too much Synchro raping ranging from the all famous Syncro Undead ( aka Cronde in Japan) to Dark Dive based (aka SDL aka Super Draw Raida in Japan) which is supposed to be a turbo deck aiming to kill you on that turn..

Main Culprits this time round would be Emergency Teleport and Zombie Carrier. Back then it was Rescue Cat and Summon Priest, and look what happened to them. I don't know how are they gonna fix Dark Dive though, it is like so god damn powerful people are dying here and there on the first turn.

Note: This is just a prediction, not an actual list. Disagree, I don't really care. This is just my own personal thought =D

The main reason behind this list is to slow down the current meta.

To be going in:

Emergency Teleport
People are whining why oh why must teleport go in. Because it is too overpowered. That is all.

Allure of Darkness
D Hero Diabolic Guy

Yes another card that speeds up your deck.

Reinforcement of the Army
I don't know, but 3 feels really really good lol.

Not one of those card that speeds up you deck, but loops with Undead Synchro too well.

Gladiator Beast Bestiari
No one really plays GB anymore but hey, I don't want another metagame of GB again.

Gorz died, and this should too.

Mind Control
The same reason as why all other control changing card with no cost are restricted.

Dark Armed/Judgement
Every card that special summons itself by the effect of "when you have xxx in grave" AND can destroy the field for almost no card resources are banned. Thanks for coming.


As a parting gift to this banlist, here is an example of an SDL deck. This is the current version that I am running and yes it reduces life points from 8000 to 0 with minimal effort.

Monster [22]

[1] Messenger of the Underworld Gorz
[2] Dark Armed Dragon
[3] Wicked Emperor Gaius
[3] D Hero Diabolic Guy
[1] Cyber Dragon
[2] Vice Dragon

[1] E Hero Airman
[3] Dark Grepher
[3] Junk Synchron
[3] Zombie Carrier

Spell [19]

[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Cyclone
[1] Hurricane
[1] Brain Control
[2] Book of Moon
[3] Allure of Darkness
[3] Reinforcement of the Army
[3] Mind Control
[3] Cold Wave

Trap [1]

[1] Crush Card Virus


"Wtf? So many high level monsters! And lol 42 cards deck!"

Yeah I thought of that too but the deck runs really smoothly.

Pattern 1: The OTK

Discard Diabolic to special summon Grepher.
Grepher effect discard a dark for Zombie Carrier.
Summon Junk Synchron to summon Carrier.
Carrier and Diabolic turns into Dark End.
Dark End effect remove a monster.
Dark End (2100) + Grepher (1700) + Junk (1300) = 5100
Synchro Grepher and Junk for Dark Dive
Shoot Dark End (1600) and Dark Dive (1400)

Total Damage 8100. Not enough? Shoot that extra Diabolic for another 1200 if you have too. Look like an impossible 4 card combo but all of them can be searched by Reinforcement of the army so I don't see any problem.

Pattern 2: Not dead yet?

Special summon Vice Dragon/Cyber Dragon and tribute it for Gaius targetting anything that is dark. Burn hell yeah! If you manage to burn and do a direct attack it is mostly a win.

That is basically it. There are many ways to go around it and yes Necro Guardna is too strong!

Reminder: Please do not be a noob and use mind control and then shooting it away with Dark Dive.


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