Thursday, November 13, 2008

Crimson crisis ~ The True crisis??

Alright, I bought it last saturday, just got 1 box for myself to save trouble on finding any cards since I have less time to play nowadays. Here are my box foils!

3D Death Kaiser Dragon/Buster - My first foil, I see then like eh???
Arcanite Magician/Buster
Hyper Psycho Gunner/Buster
Silver Barrier Silver Force
Dark Dive Bomber
Giant Battleship Big Core MKII
Psycho Sword
Super Natural Healing - Why no dimensional fortress weapon, nuu~ Someone sell me 3...

Why the true crisis? Well, when I looked at my foils, the 3 ultras were heh? Then my 3 foils also mainly only dark dive bomber was good. But after looking at the final rarity list, hey, I dont know what other good foils are there anyway. Kinda makes me regret getting a box, but, if I bought 30 packs and only got commons/rares I would be pretty pissed too, so....

Anyway, still a few notable cards in the pack, but as mentioned, all normal/rare stuff, so...

Turret Warrior
- Makes for nice big warriors on the field with the right deck. Prob wont see much play though

Debris Dragon
- Junk synchro combi play with tuning supporter part 2? Have not seen a successful deck creation on that deck though. Other then that.... Nah... 500atk? Not much stuff.

Trap Eater
- Cool card, will find its way into my side deck, and probably a few others as well

Twin Breaker
- Quite an imbal warrior actually. Mini cyber twin with extra effect plus its a 4star warrior. Benkai deck return, anyone?

Black feather series
- Effects quite cool, anyone who saw the right episode of 5DS will know what I mean, so its nice that no change to the anime effect, but still not enough stuff. Looks like the harpy deck of original YGO series to me... The "looks nice, but never will see competition play cause not enough support cards" Even fun deck also too hard to build, and will need to splash alot of random cards in till it looks weird

Reactor series
- Similar thoughts as black feather series... Sad....

Buster mode series
- Sounds like black paladin, looks cool, but see competition play? Nah.....

Black bomber
- Comes with dimensional fortress weapon in the set people, get it now! With COSR, summon this, draw free card, and get synchro summon of DDB, so technically, you get a free DDB for cost of a normal summon, pretty good deal IMO.

Life Coordinator
- Nice kuribo side deck against burn decks, plus it destroys as well. Good for those big store few turns 1 shot burn a few k cards, no?

Gladial Beast Samnite
- Who cares about first effect, its rescue cat playable! So its rescue cat summon, call out 2 of these, sp summon 2 whatever, contact fusion, blah blah bleh

Dimensional Fortress Weapon
- Interesting method to slow down those DAD and lightlord decks, no?

Cross Sword Hunter
- Quite a strong card, but dont think Insect decks are gonna go up anytime soon

Dark Dive Bomber
- After all the promotional ads by Baha, need I say more?

Star Blast
- Strong card for high level decks. Lets you use for both as cost down, or to control synchro level, not bad?

Psycho Sword
- Calvin will play this card. Quite strong IMO, solves the psychic monsters are small issue. 3.2k attack Clevonce anyone?

Telekinesis Collector
- Anyone seen Calvin's jumper anyone? LOL Another cool card for him. Calvin, throw away the Aport lah. Too situational already, heh

Gladial Beast's Primal Strength
- Splashable just to play 1 copy, to put all those beastari, or 1 copy of the fish you guys play

Triangle Area
- Cool stuff. Destroy opponent 1 card, summon 1 of your own. 2 for 1? Gotta play an Alien deck though...

Ivy Shackle
- This is nice for the plant decks. No need for DNA surgery, plus when this card goes you draw a card. Not bad. Only limited to during your turn, but hey, as long as you dont play the insect barrier crap....

Thorn Wall
- Mirror wall for plant decks? Throw away those reactive armors!

Planetary Polluting Virus
- Raigeki for Alien decks with free alien counters, not bad I would say. Combiine this with Alien Revenger!

And now, the question everyone is asking, where are the deformer cards? Well, time to do a special on them! Well, at least the stronger cards in this set. And here they are!

Deformer Bodon
- This card will turn out to be the key card of all deformer deck wannabes. Just change this to defense mode, and everything on your field cant die of battle. Turn to attack mode, and suddenly all your cards have a "This card can directly attack opponent" effect. Have a Deformer Radio on the field? Opponent takes 3100 direct attack dmg. Also have another deformer radio cassette on the field? Opponent takes 7100 direct attack dmg now! So yes, this card is pretty strong, and is the main morale that will let you guys see me with a deformer deck the next time

Deformer Pacchin
- Use with Deformer mobilphone for free card destruction. Just mobilephone effect get this card, sac mobilephone away, and hey, free destruction effect. I will prob splash 1 of this in my deck over the deformer clock.

Deformer Field
- Another very good card for deformers. Use with enemy controllers for quick counter gaining on the field. Gadget driver is cool too, but only adds 1 counter to it no matter how many deformers change mode, please note. If the opponent tries to do a, declare attack, then cyclone to make your cards smaller, just summon Deformer Bodon/Radio! Note: Like Gear City, this card works with magical silk hats too

Situation 1. You declare attack, opp uses cyclone on the field
- Summon Deformer Radio, attack still goes back up by 800 for all deformers

Situation 2. Opp declare attack, opp use cyclone on the field
- Deformer Radio is also good, but if not big enough, just put a Bodon in defense, eat abit of damage and get on with life

Deformer Barrier
- Final deformer card which I think is not bad. Any M/T that destroys deformers, negate and search out a deformer, so thats a free negation effect. Good against those mirror force when you plan to do that mass direct attack

And that ends my special on Deformers! Woohoo, gonna start building the deformer deck probably this evening, cool stuff


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