Monday, November 10, 2008

Crimson Crisis useful cards

11/11 - Updated with Booster pulls!

Plenty of good cards for this set compared to Crossroad which was filled with mostly plants and more plants. I can safely say the only super awesome card are Carrier and Black Rose, the rest are just either fairly average or crap.

Moving on! These are the cards that I feel can be useful is some ways. People may disagree but whatever.

Turret Warrior
- This is actually pretty good since it is a special summon. You can do weird stuff like summon Zero, and then release it for this. Clear field plus a slap in the face for 3700 lol =D

Trap Eater
- This is really really awesome. Eating Skill Drain, Oppression, both Magic Mirrors, Decree, Anti Sac Mask, Anti Spell Fragrance and shit like that followed by rewarding yourself with a 1900 4 star tuner!

Twin Breaker
- This is actually quite decent as well. It can attack twice, it can trample, it is dark and most importantly, it is a warrior! Yay for 3 reinforcements. I think it just passed with flying colors. If there are people still playing rush decks, this is good stuff.

Trap Reactor RR
- Not many people cover tons of traps unless they are playing GB, metabeat, or skill drain decks. Summoning this little thing before doing your crazy Synchro Stunts can ensure that OTK!

Black Bomber
- Another easy mode summoning of DDB. And continuous abuse with Dark Burst can lead to some major damage.

Gladiator Beast Samnite
- Another super addition to GB. The previous problem where GB can't find its chariot is now solved. Can be summoned by Rescue Cat, going into Samnite + Slave Tiger and then using Tiger effect and woosh attack for chariot! And things like that. Thank god OCG doesn't have Retiari.

Dimensional Fortress Weapon
- Lightlords just died a little lol. Prevents Foolish Burial and Knight of the End too!

Alien Revenger + Alien Monite
- These 2 are just good! One is a fake cyber Dragon and it sprays A counter all over the field and the other is a Junk Synchron on hyper mode.

Dark Dive Bomber
- And you thought Brionac was gay. Meet it's new best buddy! The next metagame defining card. People will shift and make their deck into something that will burn people like crazy or try and block like crazy. Usually the Burn wins though.

Arcanite Magician
- Another good Synchro. Free shot at the field and it can use counters from other place. *Cough*Endymion*Cough*

Star Blast
- A much better Cost Down.

Telekinesis Collector
- Crazy Psychic monster rush with Power Injectors? lol

Nightmare Demons
- You can go somewhere like summon a Torch Golem, then release the token, and then stealing them all back with Brainwash Cancel! yeah that would be fun =/

Thorn Wall
- Mirror Force is a welcome addition even though Stardust just make it look bad.

And there we go, quite alot of useful cards overall. For the serious competitors, welcome back to Crossroad where you are only looking for Dark Dive Bomber. It's kinda hard to get since it is only a Super Rare. Yes those people who buy only few packs and got their Dark Dive can go show it off somewhere else.

Wait! Where did the Busters go!

No I did not list them there since they are all too situational to make into a pure Buster Deck. Buster Mode and Buster Beast are the only 2 cards you want to play the deck. Yeah it's weird to put a nice Red Dragon pic and not have it in the review at all lol.

What about Black Feathers!

They are ok, but too little cards to make it work at the moment.


No thanks.

Booster Pulls

[1] Red Demons Dragon/Buster HR
[1] Red Demons Dragon/Buster UTR
[3] Red Demons Dragon/ Buster UR
[2] Arcanite Magician/Buster UR
[2] Deathkaiser Dragon/Buster UR
[1] Hyper Psycho Gunner/Buster UR
[1] BF Armored Wing UR

[3] Silver Barrier Silver Force
[3] Arcanite Magician
[2] Hyper Psycho Gunner
[ONE] Dark Dive Bomber <---- WTFBBQ!
[1] Giant Battleship Big Core MKII
[2] Turret Warrior
[1] Space Fortress Golgar

Yeah after like 6-7 boxes, I've opened 2 HR Red Dragon and only ONE got frigging damn Dark Dive bomber??


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