Tuesday, November 18, 2008

CDL Duel Kingdom Pt 2

Alright guys, after Baha's challenge finally my turn to do the challenge. Went down last Sunday to play, mainly cause I just wanted to try my new deck, Deformers! And how did it turn out? Well, take a look!

Deck Used: Deformer Direct Deck (DDD!)

Round 1 - GB Deck (James) XX
Ugh, could not control at all, my hand was filled with small monsters, I did not draw my defensive traps, and his version had the GB fish that can kill off my defense mode Bodon, mobilephone kept summoning nothing out, add in a few chariot looping, zzz...

Round 2 - Cosmos Deck (Jess) OXO
Finally drew abit better, Jess got pretty shocked at the deck. He could not do anything about the Bodon and Radio when they were in defense mode except to waste monster removal on them. I even had D-Cord on the field, used it to destroy his defense traps and he went huh? After he ran out (Earth smash, fissure, mercenary troops), used deformer bodon, deformer field, and gadet driver to lock him down. Even a 100atk calculator had 2100 attack, LOL, my radio and radio cassette were even bigger

Round 3 - Undead Synchro (Ding Jun) XOO
First round got rushed. 2nd round I managed to lock down using 2 gadget drivers and 1 curse of anubis, so he just kept eating direct attacks. Had no deformer field or they would have gotten PRETTY big. 3rd round managed an OTK with Deformer Field + Radio + Bodon + Unity + limit break. My hand had nothing left but 2 gadget drivers, so figured if he mirror forced, I could just turn defense mode and slowly keep poking. In the end he had thunderbreak but had decided not to use it to control me the next turn. Oh well, LOL. I attacked too slowly the 2nd round so he did not expect a sudden rush

Round 4 - Plant Synchro (Yi Siang) XOX
1st round did a mistake, I had bodon and radio cassette and limit break while he had a brionac I believe. Could have direct attacked with radio cassette for win as he had only 4700lp left, but I forgot to ask and ended turn since I had no gadget driver or curse of anubis. Next turn he called out red daemon, cleared the defense monsters and you know the rest. 2nd round managed to rush him, I had 5 counters on deformer field thanks to curse of anubis and gadget driver. 3rd round got 2 DAD and 1 brionac. Hey, so whats new?

All in all, not bad, if not for the mistake I would have won 3 out of 4 rounds. Score not enough to get to finals, but hey, deformers could have won 3 out of 4, and I was not done testing the deck some more. Anywayz, here are a few basic combo pieces of the deck to move your brain cells

Deformer field + Gadget driver/curse of anubis + Bodon
If bodon is on the field, gadget driver is enough to make a wall filled with defenses, since almost all my monsters are deformers. Just loop a direct attack, use gadget driver to turn all to defense, next turn turn back to attack mode and direct attack, rinse and repeat. With deformer field, and the usual 2-3 deformers on the field, you can easily get 4 counters on deformer field in a single turn. 1200 attack to 3 deformers that can direct attack? Extra 3600 dmg, cool stuff

Standard opening move - Defense mode bodon/radio. Next turn use deformer field summon mobilephone, get a radio out, all direct attack, 1600 + 1200 + 2100 = 4900atk, cool stuff. Use a gadget driver during opponent turn, next turn repeat again, 2 turn kill, hey.

Anyway, thats it for this deck for the moment. If I have the time, may go down for another CDL after tuning up the deformer deck. And then again, maybe not. Oh well, we shall see how it goes. Till then, tah tah


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