Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Duelist Box

I got 2 box.

No sense in getting 3 since if you were to play a Stardust Dragon/Buster deck you wouldn't put 3 in the deck either. It will have the same feeling as drawing 3 Diabolic....

So anyway I opened the boosters first, as usual I would think all these booster that are packed into these special packaging usually will have foils, crappy ones. But holy shit I was wrong lol. So out of 6 packs, I got a foil from each set...

TDGS - Bolt Hedgehog (T_T)
CRCS - Death Kaiser Dragon/Buster (orz)
CSOC - Black Rose Dragon HOLO OMG OMG!!! \o/ \o/ \o/

Would be nicer if I got a Stardust Holo but I guess I shouldn't ask so much, less complain!

Time for some Stardust Buster deck!!!

Btw on the DVD.....


For the purpose of making it spoiler free, lets just say most of the cards used inside are from Crimson Crisis. And it's mostly a see-saw of Red Demon VS Stardust with lots of Trap activation here and there. And at one point, the picture below happened.

Stupid pics for entertainment purposes.

And nice pic of Aki!! She is actually smiling o.o

New banner for celebration!


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