Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Demon Roar God Raven!

Ok ok I post! At the same time enlighten people that...

"It does indeed work with Dark Realm!"

All you need to know about Raven can be found here!

And as usual, as the nice person I shall do you all a favor and translate some interesting bits from there.

Discard any number of cards from your hand, increase the level of this card equal to the number of cards discarded until the end phase.
This cards attack power is increased by 400 x number of card discarded until the end phase.
This effect can only be used once per turn.

Ok this is an ignition effect and it can only be used on the controller's turn. The ruling is that, the hand discard part is an effect and not a cost. Thus Dark Realm is able to come out and do fun stuff.

Gold and Silver are 5, so plus 2 and 1 equates to Stardust Dragon!!

Normally, effects that discard your hand cards should come with powerful effects. Just look at Thunder Break/ Phoenix Wing Blast. People are packing it in their deck to the maximum.

I feel that Raven's effect is not that spectacular, but discarding multiple Dark Realm monsters in one turn might just lead to an OTK if you have that nice hand.

I haven't seen a deck in action yet so this is all just a speculation. Maybe I'm gonna try and form to play tomorrow. Once I find my Dark Realm cards that are buried somewhere in some shoe box in the corner of my room lol.

Fun Facts:
- The level ofthis card can exceed 13.
- Combining this with Forced Requisition will result in some crazy hand discards.
- This card only needs 17 cards to deal 8000 damage!
- In stupid world's theory, the level of this card can reach 61 and have an attack of 24900. Impossible unless you have a 60 card deck and a way to draw them all.


On other news, Dian Zhang is spotted getting banged by a "Hopeless Dragon Deck".


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