Thursday, September 11, 2008

5D anime is pretty cool!

Yeah I kinda just started watching again coz there is actually more action now instead of repetition of Yuusei vs the police man. I've had enough of Junk/Nitro/Turbo warriors =(

Now that there are alot of Aki action, I kinda enjoy watching the show! We finally get to see the showdown between Blackrose and Stardust!

Anime Blackrose is just pure imbalance with having its destruction effect even just by a regular special summon from the grave. My only complaint is having to see Blackrose summon animation three freaking times in one episode. Ooops for spoilers.

But yah, Aki played like really alot of revival, more cards for Crimson Crisis? Wicked Reborn seems great, Call of the Haunted for Synchros.

Further Spoiler ahead!




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