Sunday, September 7, 2008

The new meta deck?

Destiny Dark Armed makes a return here with the release of Allure and the unrestriction of Diabolic Guy.

People are just gonna "no ways, GB rules all!"

But it's been proven that the deck is just too fast for a GB deck lol. Of course I shall not compare with the English meta since they have no access to carrier which is kinda important. Well anyways GB won the latest SJC, probably coz he has Dimensional Prison to fight off all the Stardust bullshit hahaha.

I hope the GB craze is going down soon, and maybe I can finally buy an affordable Prisma lol. But of course GB still remains a competitive deck and someday someone will just find some tech to make it stay on top.

By popular demand, here is my deck list which I was using for testing purposes the other day. It worked too well and now I have harassment issues. I've had enough of people calling me on the phone and ask for deck list! Improvements can still be made but the play style is pretty much there. Draw draw draw, synchro synchro synchro. Control and win.

[Deck] Destiny Dark Armed V 1.0

[Monster] = 20

[2] Dark Armed Dragon
[1] Emissary of Darkness Gorz
[2] Wicked Emperor Gaius
[3] D Hero Diabolic Guy

[1] E Hero Airman
[1] D Hero Defend Guy
[2] Knight of The End
[3] Clevonse
[2] Zombie Carrier
[3] D.D Crow

[Magic] = 15

[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Brain Control
[3] Destiny Draw
[3] Allure of Darkness
[3] Reinforcement of the Army
[3] Emergency Teleport

[Trap] = 5

[1] Deck Destruction Virus of Death
[1] Torrential Tribute
[3] Thunder Break

Simple explanation.
1) Get Diabolic in Grave
2) Use your tuners and synchro with Diabolic.
3) Win!

Ok, that was totally useless comment but what else can I say. That's what the deck do lol. I don't wanna be long winded to explain the already obvious. The deck usually run out of steam after running out of Diabolic, so if you wanna do multi Synchro Summon this turn, you better take control of the game.

Against GB:
- Get control early and everything should be your way.

Against Lightlord/Undead:
- I put them together since their playstyle is about the same. Just summon everything that is big and bang. I did a Red Demon + Gigantech. Making sure there are no retarded Judgement Dragons. For undeads, try to cycle and dig for that DD crows!

Against Skill Drain Oppresions:
- About the same thing as above, just summon everything that is big hopefully they have no oppression. Some side decking might be required.

Against Metabeat:
- Untested. Coz no one plays them. Everything in the deck is expensive lol.

Against Mirror:
- Good luck with your side deck.

Against Neos Beat
- Im bored, I made one for Colin lol. Beware of Neos Chop!

As you can see from the above, I had too much free time photoshoping the above lol. Yes stealing is allowed, but just give me some credits for it =( Don't be surprised if one day your "stolen goods" becomes like this. Anyone with decent photoshop skills can make them.


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