Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back =D

Hi guys I'm back. I know I didn't do so well but oh well. I can say it's probably a wrong deck to bring to the meta lol. But it's also quite hard to say. Since I was expecting Lightlords and Gladial Beasts and that is why the deck became like that. But well luck plays a part, and I only get to fight the Monarch decks.... which is my deck's worst match up lol.

Match 1: Vs Japan
Eh nothing much to say, first round no oppression nor solemn. Second round was my mistake. Mistake one was turning my shine angel to defend mode and second mistake was not activating the limiter in my hand to push for damage. And Japanese using the Malevolent Catastrophe was unexpected to me lol. And of course later on I found out he top decked that last Judgement dragon, can't really do anything much there.

Match 2: Vs France
Monarch decks are bad =( I hit into Jujitsu, followed by a Raiza, followed by a Phoenix Wind Blast. Tell me what a true pro should do in this situation?

Match 3: Vs Australia
more lightlords which I am prepared for. I was hesitating whether to activate oppression when he monster reborn his Luminas. Coz I was greedy and hope I can make him lose 1 more card. If he tribute into Celestia, thats it! lol but yeah I guess the bait worked. Ended the final round with Viper hitting into Garoth with Limiter and Honest which was instant game.

Match 4: Vs Germany
More monarch deck... This time is even the worse type. The one which turtles all the way. Setting every single cards he have every turn. All I do gets bottomless/Prisoned/Solemned. Mask of Darkness and Book of Moon never felt so strong lol. So yes, tell me what a pro can do against that.

Match 5: Vs USA
Won the first match with beats, second round I got OTK-ed lol. He had like Brain Control, Dark Arm and Premature and blablabla. 3rd round wasn't any help either, I draw Hurricane, Storm and Cyclone. So, what would a true pro do?

So yes, Disgrace? See what you can do if you were in my shoes lol. Everyone makes it sound like winning the matches like a piece of cake. The duelist I'm facing is not the regular noobs that you bully everyday in your neighbourhood shop. So lol, if you feel you can do better than me, then win the next world tournament, represent your country, and prove me wrong. Otherwise, don't even bother.


And so moving on, overall it was a great experience. All the players are nice guys, well mostly. I kinda didn't like the German rep. But he was quite funny lol. When I played him, I summoned Another Neos and he was like "what effect?" I said "as good as no effect" then he went all "huh" and called the judge to ask for effect lol.

Bought alot of cards from the Japanese, wanted to buy the Prisma but it was like 25 Euro on the first day, 40 on the 2nd day and 30 on the final day. So I kinda hesitated... And I also found out that Summon Priest is like uber expensive in Japan. I asked How much was it and he was like "Ha Sen" Thats 8000 yen wtf! Their Brionac is only 20 Euro, and Summon priest is like triple of that??? lol. Totally cannot afford, so those who have summon priest, better cherish it hahahaha. I think people who read this will start to spoil market , but yah if DT cannot be used locally, it holds no meaning to sell at such a high price.

Unfortunately, Lazaro lost his deck. heard there were like 2 Lightlord decks, and 5 Dark armed Decks or something like that. Gratz to the guy finding it I guess...

And yes, non asian players really like to cover their Heavy Storm aka Pro Storm haha. And one of them even commented that we Asian Players are crazy cos we cover traps with no fear of Storm at all lol. But with more and more GB, Pro Storm are less seen now. Not funny when you cover storm and get hit by Gyzarus.

I kinda regret not buying the prismas though =(

WTB Japanese Prisma! Leave a reasonable offer! lol

Oh yes and those who are curious, We all got NOTHING from the trip. No free boosters or whatsoever. Only top 4 got prizes, everyone else eats crap. I think that's pretty sucky considering that they give away something every year lol. And the Chimera promo, anyone who attended the event can get one. So it's quite worthless I would say.

Happy note: I successfully promoted Victory Viper hahaha. Even though I lost, At least I got a feature match as I hoped =)


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