Sunday, August 10, 2008

Short updates on the germany world champ!

Alright people, here's abit of an update from what I can understand, which is limited cause the language of the site is mainly in german. If got typo or understanding error dont mind, the german doesnt help, and im typing this 3.30am in the morning...

After 5 rounds of standings, Baha is standing at 19 out of 22nd place, with 1 round win against Australian rep, Hahn (AUS), Richard. Well, 1 win out of 5? Thats still better then our Malaysian neighbour i guess, 0 out of 5 win. (Not to look down on them of course)

Well, at the moment from what I see, Baha at least walks home with a Chimera master of the beasts promo card. Possibly if have time he will join the sneak preview for the duelist genesis? Well, he should still walk away with much better prizes then from our Singapore tournament thats for sure.

Top deck of the day is a control deck, with over 20 traps. So sad, when i first read the top, it wrote there, innovative deck using the Fusilier dragon aka, Gunner Dragon. Then i check deck list, ends up its just a control deck with skill drain, therefore use Fusilier as a 2800 monster. Zzzz. Oh wellz.

Then they have a DS world champ 2008 tomorrow. Sad, wonder why we didnt have someone to go for that one. Oh wellz.... Anyway, if there are any German savvy guys around, heres the website for you guys. Japanese lang guys like me cannot understand shit siah

Anywayz.... 3 G-Beast, 3 lightlord? No guesses whats gonna be seen in the ban list. And to all the people who say G beast got nothing to restrict/ban, whatever lah. Not Im the one who gonna think how to do it anyawyz. Zzzz... Up with machines I say!


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