Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Light mad rush with crazy combo??? (Patented by DS)

Well, havent been posting for awhile since Baha stole the limelight with the HOLEY card. Anywayz, finally gonna post my previous deck up here, as usual, here it is....

Monsters = 21
[3] Honest
[2] Victory Viper XX03
[3] T 45
[3] Calculator
[3] Exodios
[3] Lightlord - Wolf
[2] Guardian Of Order
[2] Cyber Dragon

Magic = 19
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Early Burial
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Hurricane
[1] Cyclone
[1] Limit Break
[1] Power Of Unity
[1] Brain Control
[3] Monster Gate
[3] Enemy Controller
[2] Foolish Burial
[1] Lightning Vortex
[2] Magic Mining Stone

Yup, this was the deck you guys saw me with previously. Well, not the exact tune I believe since I didnt record it down, but this would be about 95% accurate. Just a few ideas on the choice of cards and combos...

Victory Viper XX03 + Honest / Limit break!
Well, this is a pretty nice combo here, and quite the main start off point for this deck actually. It basically functions on the effect where the viper will 'give birth' to a token the exact size as it when it kills an opponent monster in battle. So example, when you use the viper to attack a monarch and you use a honest to pump it up, it basically creates a token that is 1200 + 2400 attack! Do note that the token will be permanent 'attached' to the viper though. If the viper dies or gets smaller, so does the token. Well, largest my token ever got to was 13200 attack, go figure, heh.

Exodios + Calculator + Enemy Controller!!!
Well, not much to be said for the first 2 parts of the combo. Exodios + calculator makes calculator a big happy 3600. The more interesting part of the combo here will be exodios and the controller. And of course, this combo here mainly works with having the lightlord wolf in the deck. When Exodios DECLARES attack, exodios will discard a card from the deck to grave. Of course, if you discard wolf, the wolf's own effect will kick in and get summoned out!

The interesting part comes in here. After the wolf appears, it is not in damage step yet, since its only at the declare attack stage. So you can actually do cool stuff, like sacrifice the wolf for enemy controller to take over the opponent's monster (The one exodios declared to attack). Then, since the opponent's monster disappears, exodios loses target and has to retarget, and DECLARE attack AGAIN. You see where this leads to? Another wolf then gets summoned out when he redeclares, and it goes on. (Note, as per title, this is a new combo created, used, and patented by me. Never used before in anyway and uninspired by anyone! Not that anyone uses exodios anyway)

Record so far would be probably 3 times for the above combo. Exodios declares attack on spirit reaper, wolf gets summoned. Use enemy controller target reaper, it dies and lose target. Exodios redeclare attack, wolf gets summoned, opponent opens up return from DD. Therefore, redeclare attack, exodios on a defense mode diabolic guy, eat 800 dmg, another wolf appears. Meanwhile calculator having fun standing by, wolf clears the 3 monsters opp had, calculator is a nice cute 24 * 300 = 7200. Kinda small huh? Exodios works well for wolf as well, since whatever wolf in the grave gets returned to deck when the exodios is summoned. (By the way, for the count, biggest exodios so far is at 9300. *Summon cydra, summon exodios, use lightning vortex and discard monster, summon exodios, summon calculator, brain control opp monster. Quite cool huh?*

Anywayz, this is a crazy light otk deck. Which works out suprisingly well, since it has high synergy within the deck. Even without the combos, the T45 can help pump calculators. Honest does good to all light monsters in deck. Heck, even a summon cydra, summon calculator, summon guardian is cool. 2100 + 4500 + 2500 atk power on field is fun ok! But yup, in my opinion its still a fun deck. Its extremely fun and fast, but as usual to my decks, prone to its weird draws... (3 wolf in first hand aint fun... sob.... Casino De' Baha, I hate you!)


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