Saturday, June 14, 2008

Welcome to the Undead World!

Early release today in Singapore !

I'm just gonna cover on a few cards since most of the cards are mostly not so awesome.

Black Knight of the Dark Dragon is pretty decent, it is 1900 which is the most important, and "stealing" opponent monsters is overpowered, remember Goyou Guardian? The great thing about this card, it can probably summon ANYTHING that was previously destroyed by battle, so yeah you can probably steal that disk guy that you kill 3 turns ago or something. And then your opponent retardedly kill it by battle and you steal it again or something like that.
I'm using the logic of Hero City here.

Trap card is super powerful effect, best card to be put in your side deck for the current meta or to combat retarded decks that uses Cosmos engine. And also, just imagine chaining it to opponent's Allure of Darkness, Dimension Imprisonment, Dark Emperor etc. Remember to point and laugh =)

Next up is the field card which is the main topic! The reason why you should buy 3 of the SD! Turning everything into undead turns some cards from powerful, to some crazy scale that I cannot even describe when you get that perfect hand.

Some examples:

Zombie Master

This card simply goes into overdrive with Undead World in play. With access to your opponent grave now, you can basically just summon all sorts of things. I leave it to your imagination and the metagame around you on what you can summon.


Another crazy card that goes into overdrive. Now able to summon MOBC and friends and other crazy monsters that you don't even dream of summoning. Too bad this is not in the deck (or should I say lucky this is not in the deck)

Card of Safe Return

Drawing cards for doing nothing. Imbalanced!?

============ Crazy stuff Section ============

Inspirational Stuff from Rowyn-san (ローウィンさん) can be found below. A well known Japanese player dedicated to playing Undead decks known as Biohazard.

Crazy Combo 1 (Infinite loop!?): Mezuki + MOBC + Burial from another dimension

Mezuki summon MOBC and take back Burial from another Dimension. When MOBC dies, use Burial to put Mezuki and MOBC (and something else) into grave. Repeat.


I'm just gonna stop right here before ppl start getting high just from all this crazy stuff I typed above. Is it really that powerful? yeah maybe, but at the same time its also a double edged sword. What if opponent manage to grab your Zombie Master, all hell will break loose for you too =/ or worse still, mirror matches. Who paste Field card first and dont kill the opponent might just get himself killed lol.

Use with Caution.


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