Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Duel Online!

Hi guys! Today I'm gonna introduce to you all a software that I use to play online. It's called Duel Online (aka DO). These is the program that is used for the tournaments that are held in Japan, Eg: mh Cup, some Frontier Cups etc

The card list is constantly updated, namely from spoilers that are 100% accurate. And that is why we have Zombie Carrier in one of the decks. I put this up because I'm looking for players to play with me. Colin is not always free so I need new opponents =D

The software also can aid you in your deck building, and you can test your deck with other players before buying the actual cards!

I know it's just like YVD, Apprentice, or whatever you guys use to play online. It's basically the same thing, everything has to be done manually. Plus it's in Japanese so I'm not sure if anyone is interested lol.

Oh btw mike, I used this to try your Dark Simorgh deck and I got this on one of the duels.

So here are the links for you guys to download. Explore at your own time! Drop me a tag here so that I can add you on msn or something =D If you need any help, let me know as well.

To display the program correctly, you need to change the region of your computer to Japanese. Go Control Panel, Region and Language, change everything you can find to Japanese. I really mean everything.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible if your computer suddenly turn all Japanese and everything is displayed in Japanese and you are lost. Some computer knowledge is required to fully utilise this software.

Download Links:
DO Homepage
DO Software Download
Card Data Update


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