Monday, June 2, 2008

[Card Review] Armshole Part 2!?

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So here comes part 2. The purpose of this random articles are just to tell you that you don't need an expensive card to totally own the whole world.

Side track: Ironically, you can't even use Armshole for world tourneys so it's just lol.

So how should I begin?

Ok let's start by the drawback. Not able to normal summon this turn will probably leave you open for the rest of the turn unless your deck packs really a lot of defensive traps. In this metagame where fast damage are thrown everywhere like it's free, leaving yourself open for just a turn can just be the death of you.

Just imagine this scenario. You are setting up for a nice draw combo with Knight of the End and Disk Guy. On your opponent's turn, he used Gaius and made life difficult for you. Now your hand is abit shitty and have no choice but to use Armshole and try to dig for some solution. Suddenly you got hit by a DD Crow/Dust Tornado/Insert some cool card here. And now you are open and you probably will not reach your next turn =/

People who splash this cards into their regular Dark decks are just stupid. And the crazy MOBC/DDR loop are not so hot these few days when people learnt how to counter them. The only strong use of this card is only special decks such as OTK decks (there are too many to list) where you don't rely on normal summons to get the job done.

For my synchro deck that uses Rescue Cat alot, Armshole cannot be left out. First turn you summon a Brionac and you already have the field control done. And it doesn't even matter if it dies or not, you activate Armshole to grab a Premature Burial on your next turn and it's an infinite loop already. But this is the flaw of the deck, if your Armshole fail, then the whole combo collapses and you might just get crippled and it is very hard to recover. And that is probably why the 2nd place deck owned the 3rd place. One Solemn Judgement/Thunder Break owned the whole deck.

Depending on your deck, Armshole can vary from being a shitty card to some crazy imbalance card. You build your deck around Armshole, not buy an Armshole just because you think your deck needs it. So what deck do you play?

Guide on buying Armshole:
1) Do you have intentions of ever forming an OTK deck?
2) Do you intend to form a deck where you feel you can safely lead the field and no fear of taking too much LP damage?
3) Are you simply filthy rich?

If you answer yes to all the above, then what the hell are you waiting for? Come join the Armshole Club!

Otherwise, spend your money elsewhere.


Honest Confession: I used to think Armshole was just an OK card! Getting owned by people who have all the gay luck in the world with their 3 LADD! I've had enough of their nonsense! And thus EMObc was BORN! (Colin, I hate you)

Funny story, I was just owned by LADD in the tournament, So I was all pissy and go out to look for cards, and there it was, $15 Armshole. It's a sign!!!!! btw this was a year ago, during the JJ Christmas tourney or something.

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