Monday, May 26, 2008

[Card Review] Armshole! Overrated? Part 1

Seems like I have a lot of shit to post this few days.

I will probably be flamed by many of people for actually thinking that Armshole is overrated...

"Overrated? Like no ways! It's at least 90 dollars for god's sake!"

But by the end of this review, it might change your opinion about this card and whether or not to spend your money on this card! Now, before the flames begin, I'll just put the effect and some common usage of this card.

Normal Magic
Send the top card of your deck to activate this card.
Search for an equipment card from your Graveyard or Deck and add it into your hand. On the turn this card is activated, you cannot Normal Summon for this turn.

"Bah, this nub is probably saying Armshole suck coz he doesn't have one!!"


Nope I have alot of Armshole, now stfu and listen!
Picture is for illustration purpose only.Not for Sale!

"Wtf is wrong with this guy, claiming Armshole is not good and he has so many!"

Ah, the card to go crazy for. People use proxies and everything just for the sake of using this card. But is it really that good?

Sending the top card of your deck is not even considered a drawback since it helps to throw you the extra dark into the grave if you are playing a dark deck and you are lucky. And of course shit happens especially when you have my kind of luck. Armshole throwing Armshole, Armshole throwing Monster Reborn is a common sight. The bad luck list goes on...

I'm sure we all know what to fetch for when you activate this card. The all powerful Premature Burial. Using Premature Burial to summon Magician of Black Chaos is one of the overpowered usage of this card. Continuous use to fetch DDR to create a soft loop to keep special summoning MOBC was labeled as overpowered and gay. Another use is using this to summon Diskguy and then usually followed by a Crush Card Virus netting some crazy advantage over your opponent.

Another common use is splashing this into OTK decks. Armshole searching for Power Of Unity/Megamorph is totally not cute at all. I had my 7000 attack Red Demon ram a certain player's ass the other day. I was quite angry since I keep hitting into Gorz or Necro Guardna. So I just make it easy, get ram by 4 2xxx attack monsters or get ram by a 7000 attack monster.

Most of the abuses usually involves Premature Burial since special summon is the most overpowered thing in this current banlist.

So far right now, the Pros are outweighing the cons zomg! Is it really overrated? Stay tuned for part 2!


[To be Continued...]


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