Thursday, May 8, 2008

Urgent ban list.... *And post 100!*

Finally time to do abit of posting here before people start commenting ive disappeared (AGAIN). Kinda real busy with my new job these days so no real time to even look at stuff on weekdays, and weekends are filled up with lots of stuff as well so..... Anywayz, This is post 100! Thanks to the people supporting this place thus far.

Anywayz, back to the main topic, new urgent ban list to be applied, for TCG format again of course. Here's the link, kudos to Zerro

UDE does it again! Previously was Franken (I havent forgiven them yet), and this time quite killing off all RFG decks. Lagi worse this time round though. Previously they gave 2 weeks notice i believe? Cant really recall already. And now its practically.... TOMORROW. Tons of fun siah, the kp session from the ude players are already appearing.

Well, D fusion gone, return from DD to 1, and allure to 2. If anybody didnt expect this.... *Points finger and laugh* NOOB! Too many return decks are around at the moment already, with the game currently dominated by DAD decks along with Lightlord deck. So for the OCG side, expect to see the similar ban list appear in september, since they should be following suit.

The big question on people's mind as usual I believe. Which ban list to follow? Well, if you all still didnt realise from the previous urgent ban, or were not around then, Singaporeans obviously still follow OCG's ban list. So D fusion, etc wun be dead till september. Just for the guys playing allures in their deck, time to reduce them to 2. So kinda a mix, in the idea that we follow their urgent ban to 2 allures for those who play them, but for return and d fusion, they still maintain as before.

Anywayz, time to go catch some snooze. Posting this at lunch time actually. Yawnz, night peeps!


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