Tuesday, May 13, 2008

[Deck] Dark Synchro Shokan Gyaaaaa!!

Hi guys, with the lack of update from Mr DS, I just had to fill this place up myself =(

Today I will be introducing probably the most fun deck ever. A synchro deck that can be said is one of the overpowered decks of the current metagame. The only downside is, it requires pretty much Duel Terminal cards so it is actually not easily obtainable.

The deck is slowly evolving as I combine multiple deck ideas and I finally came to this version which I feel is quite stable. It first started out as my nub Psychic Synchro deck and then slowly I got my DT cards and combined them and ta dah, here we go. The idea is there, but I still need to fine tune it to make it more stable than it is. There are of course bad draws of multiple tuners and no non-tuner monsters...

So I present to you my Dark Synchro deck!

Monsters = 19

[3] Dark Armed Dragon
[2]Spirit Destroyer Kycoo
[3]X-Saber Arbellun
[2]Death Koala
[1]N Black Panther
[3]Rescue Cat
[1]D Hero Disk Guy

Magic = 20

[1]Monster Reborn
[1]Heavy Storm
[1]Premature Burial
[1]Brain Control
[2]Mind Control
[3]Pot of Avarice
[3]Emergency Teleport
[3]Card of Safe Return
[3]Arms Hole

Trap = 2

[1]Trap Dust Shoot
[1]Mind Crush

Extra Deck = 15

[2]Stardust Dragon
[1]Red Demons Dragon
[1]Mental Sphere Demon
[1]X-Saber Urbelum
[2]Magical Android
[2]Dragon of Ice Boundary Bryunac
[2]A.O.J Catastor
[2]Goyou Guardian
[2]Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

High Level = 3
Tuners = 6
Dark Monsters = 13 + Extra Deck

Note: This deck might look like similar/netdecked from somewhere. But I can only say that synchro decks only has pretty much the same synchro monsters and the powerful tuners are only about less than 5 in number. So putting the most powerful ones in your deck is not a crime. There are also other engines such as Summon Priest + Warrior of Mist Valley, but for me, the point of this deck is not to come out a level 8 Synchro monster, thus it is excluded from the deck.

Main point of the deck is to come out Bryunac as fast as possible. I only summon Stardust Dragon to prevent myself from getting OTK-ed from dark armed dragon, which also explains my 2 traps there lol.

Now, onto the "How to play". Firstly, Rescue Cat into X Saber Arbellun+ 3 star beast equals to Bryunac. Totally no card lost in synchro summoning. And with just a Premature Burial + a Disk Guy or a Safe Return, it is most likely an OTK unless your opponent uses a DD Crow or has some sort of battle damage protection.

Winning hand is pretty easy. You only need
1) Rescue Cat
2) Arms Hole/Premature Burial
3) Card of Safe Return/ Disk Guy

Three card combo to own the world. Here is something for you all to easily digest.

Click to Enlarge.
Yes, you can see I'm pretty bored and have too much free time...
Inspired by those books that contain promo, always have Playing guide lol.

This is a simple explanation by my idol, 店長 aka Store Manager. Oh, he is the one getting owned.

How to OTK? Assuming you already have Bryunac on the field, Disk Guy and Premature in hand.
1) Premature for Rescue Cat
2) Throw Disk Guy to bounce Premature Burial, Rescue Cat doesnt die because Premature is bounced back instead of destroyed.
3) Rescue Cat to X Saber + 3 star Beast and Synchro again
4) Premature Disk Guy, oh noes now you have cards in your hand to repeat the above.
5) Show off your Extra Deck and summon all the possible Synchro Monsters that you bought with your savings!

Now you might be thinking, what if there is Gorz? This is where careful attack planning is required. Depending on what monsters your summon, it is usually not a problem. Remember. AOJ Catastor can kill Kaien Token for free, and of course there's always Red Demons Dragon.

The only thing that screws this up is a DD Crow, which is why I have Kycoo main decked. And also, this deck is able to win without even doing a synchro summon. X Saber hand destruction effect together with Kycoo can be quite a depressing moment. Opponent who leave themself open might regret that. Using Rescue Cat to summon two X Sabers will be in for some surprise. You lose one card, they lose 2 cards, yum!

Other extra stuff that I added into this deck is Dark Armed. Dark Armed Dragon is just too strong to not be in a deck like this that has quite a large amount of dark monsters. And what is a Synchro deck without Mind Control and Brain Control. Free Monsters are always welcome.

Avarice is also too powerful to be missed. Rescue cat effect itself gives you 3 monster in grave, using Bryunac effect gives you 1 more assuming you throw monster, Bryunac dies and you got 5 monsters. Or better still if you Premature Burial Rescue Cat and doing the combo.

EDIT: Deck list added.

In the end, the deck is pretty balanced. It can do pretty much anything. Field Swarming, Hand destruction, card drawing, Mass destruction of the field and Controlling the flow of the game with all the different synchro monsters and of course OTK.. Just pray that you don't get bad hand!

To end this article, I would like to say...

8000 LP is not enough anymore!


Off topic: with the release of Hane Kuribo LV 9, I foresee that alot of people are gonna play it wrongly lol.

It's "When a chain happens.." guys! Not "When a card is activated..." See the difference!!!


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