Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Synchro Monsters

White is good. Gonna do a review on some of the synchro monsters. I will start with the two most powerful Synchros in TDGS!

Mental Sphere Demon (MSD) Vs Stardust Dragon!

Depending on situation, both of them are equally strong. Against decks like gadgets, MSD is probably your best friend. Just ram all the gadget and pay 1000 as you go while you gain life back from draining all their gadgets! Say no to Sakuretsu and whatever cool traps they have in their deck! One of the best synchro monsters ever created. It's like having Dragon Warrior all over again, just that this gives you life.

MSD Attack Green Gadget! Sakuretsu Armor Activated! Pay 1000, Gain 1400.
*Next Turn*
MSD Attack Red Gadget! Shrink Activated! Pay 1000, Gain 1300.
*Next Duel please*

Or something to that extend.

Stardust on the other hand, is best used when you are ready to swarm and OTK. Not cool when you are ready to ram only to get owned by Torrential or Mirror Force. Plus when it comes out, it gives abit of pressure on the field. Stupid people who attempts to destroy it and using stupid card like DD crow just wasted 2 cards, grats.

Some ruling effect on Stardust, if it ever goes to your opponent field, when you use its effect, it will return to the original controller lol..

On to the next card!

Nitro Warrior!
Is shit, sorry. Instant Kill for all the tokens though. Combine with Ojyama Tokens! Or Misrevive =/ Otherwise, really seriously cannot make it.

Red Demon Dragon!
Big with somewhat ok effect. Great against those defensive decks that uses 10 million blockers. Marshmallow, Spirit Reaper, Gellan Duo, Stealth Bat blablabla. Of course I'm saying if you ever manage to go through the Gravity Bind/Level B etc. There are better alternatives...

Goyou Guardian!
I think there is no need for further explanation on how powerful this card is. It's 6 stars, its 2800, and it steals monsters.

Onto Duel Terminal Cards!

Dragon of Ice Boundary Brionac!
This is another overpowered synchro. 6 Stars is easy to summon, bouncing cards on the field is pretty gay to a certain extend. This is the engine of Synchro OTKs. Bouncing Premature Burial and Disk Guy like some psycho dude and performing multiple Synchro Summons in a turn is totally cool to look at, but not when you are on the opposite end of the table.

Mist Worm!
A game ender! Bouncing reverse monsters, traps and craps and going for that direct attack feels good! Too bad it requires 1 Tuner + 2 non tuner and has to be 9 stars. It's a very weird number for me. Yes it's easy for some but well, 9 is a really odd number and my deck doesn't accomodate to it.

A.O.J Catastor
Another great Synchro. Rams every single thing out there. Say no to Honest! But well, the whole world is using Dark monsters... meh~

X Saber Urbellum
Low attack but effect is good to a certain extend, and beats Nitro Warrior any day. Simple reason, I dont put stupid cards in my deck *cough*nitro Synchron*cough*

Synchro monsters are like the greatest addition to the game of yugioh. You get to stay on your theme decks, and you get to summon them according to the situations. Of course not every one of them is useful. Looking forward for the next batch of Synchro monsters =)


And to end this crap, I present to you the secret of my Stardust Turbo. It seems that news of me summoning 3 Stardust in a turn has spread far across the island. Plus some people regarded it as bullshit. So here it is...

Emergency Teleport
Instant Spell
Special summon one Level 1-3 Psychic monster from your hand or deck. The monster summoned by this effect is removed at the end of the turn.

Special summoning Level 1-3 Psychic from the deck is imbalanced? Totally no cost at all. You just need to put some stupid psychic monsters in your deck. And you can skip the drawback. Why, when you special summon small useless monsters, you will probably use it as tribute fodder.

So you can use it, sac for our favourite Emperors, BlooD and anything nice. Of course as for me, I select only those that are tuners. Plus its a Spell speed 2. So you can do stupid things when opponent decides to use a Creature Swap on you.

Another help is Junk Synchron! This is like the most powerful tuner! Summoning additional monster from your grave really helps alot for synchro summoning. Plus, its a warrior, it's dark, and small enough to be retrieved by Dark Burst (not that everyone uses it that way).

So here's what happened somewhere in the middle of the duel...

Note: The following are situational. Failure to recreate the scenario is none of my business. Yugioh is about luck, sometime you have it, sometimes you don't.

Cyber Dragon(5) + Junk Synchron(3) => Clevonce(2) = 10 stars
- Use Enemy Controller and throw the damn Clevonce away for whatever your opponent has. In my case it was a Jinzo.
Cyber Dragon(5) + Junk Synchron(3) + Jinzo (6) = 14 stars
- Emergency teleport here
Cyber Dragon(5) + Junk Synchron(3) + Jinzo (6) + Clevonce (2) = 16 stars (gratz we have 2 stardust already)
- Synchro those and what do we have, oh noes 3 dark monsters!
Special Summon Dark armed dragon and pew pew the field if you have to. We have 3 overpowered monster on the field =/
* At this point you might go crazy and use another Emergency Teleport to summon Mental Master (1) to summon your last Stardust for the heck of it*

Lucky hand? Not really, Diskguy and Limit Rebirth and Angel Lift is overpowered. =D

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