Sunday, May 18, 2008

Study of Japanese Metagame.

Ah, surfing the net while you are bored. You just had to go through all the different blogs of all the Japanese players or you can't sleep.

So it seems that the 3 main dominating deck types right now are:
1)Dark Decks
3)Gladial Beast (!?)

Dark Decks

Ah... The most commonly played deck since the release of Phantom Darkness. Most of the builds has our beloved Dark Armed Dragon and Wicked Emperor Gaius. And now even has an upgrade with Emergency Teleport and Clevonse. Looks like I wasn't wrong about these 2 cards.

The deck has a very high damage output. Gaius is easily summoned with Teleport and Clevonse and probably followed by Dark Armed on the following turn. Even if you don't get these 2 cards, the deck has other tricks such as Synchro summoning powerful monsters such as Brionac, Goyou Guardian or even A.O.J Catastor if you are facing Lightlords.

The deck has defense such as Gorz and Necro Guardna which is really a pain in the ass if you don't plan your attacks carefully. And they also help to adjust the dark monsters in your grave for summoning "you-know-what".


Another hot favorite! The deck is simple to built and play. Alot of field destruction effects supported by Laila, Cherubim, Raikou and of course the main course, Judgment Dragon which would end the game in seconds.

I'm pretty sure everyone is familiar with the concept of Lightlords. Cherubim is easily summoned with Foolish Burial and Wulf. Clearing the field as you feed the grave and summoning Judgement Dragon for the win.

Great against slower decks that takes time to build their combo. Before you know it, Judgement dragon might just appear and bomb the field and you're dead.

Gladial Beast

Ah hah! Now we enter the interesting part of this article lol. The unexpected new comer that surprised me that this actually made it into one of the meta decks. Yes I previously looked down on them =(

With the new supports from TDGS, they are becoming into a really powerful deck that can anti the above decks. Gladial Beast Chariot basically just kills all of the above main cards. Good bye to Dark Armed, Gaius, Judgment Dragon and etc. Plus, with Equite, you can recycle the chariot and this becomes a little bit of a problem for the above decks lol.

And then of course our main character for the whole deck, Bestari and it's fusion. Destroying any 2 cards on summon + summoning 2 gladial beast after that is alot alot of advantage. Even if it dies, you can monster reborn it and destroy 2 more cards... Nope, it's totally not overpowered at all...


To be honest, I was about to play Gladial Beast with the intention of studying the deck last week but I couldn't find my GLAS box. I had all the cards from PTDN onwards but no GLAS -_- So yeah, plan was canceled and suddenly there is a sudden boom and it's now the current hot topic. Not that it's all bad, now I don't even have to form the deck, just have to fight with a person who has one to study it. =D

All the above has some weird synchro variation here and there. There is Dark Synchro (like mine woot), then there's Gladial Synchro as well, no Lightlord synchro yet though, except for Lightlord cards splashed into Synchro decks but I don't think that counts.

So there we go. Dark and Light decks tries to kill everyone else while Gladial beast tries to kill them both. I wonder which deck will end up at the top. Gadget decks are nearly extinct, I wonder why...

Btw, I notice the weird trend in Japanese tournament decks now. It ranges from Zero traps to 15+ traps. What happened to classic "reasonable" number of traps per deck lol.


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