Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Shameless post!?

I think Japanese people are secretly viewing my blog!


Synchro Dark Armed for all top 3??

Yes it is shameless of me to think that Japanese people copy my idea ahaha. But yah means I am closer to enlightenment, closer to being a crazy Japanese dude with a crazy deck!

Well anyways, from the 3 decks, the common cards are...

- Dark Armed Dragon
- Summon Priest
- Rescue Cat
- X Saber Arbellun
- Lightlord Hunter Raikou
- Combination of Black Panther/Death Koala/Koalako
- Cyber Dragon
- Gorz
- Armshole

Nice.... A great tip for those starting out to build the deck =)


On a side note, I found more tournament decklist from other sites. This time its all 3 decks has Teleport and Clevonse haha. The tournament decks are becoming standardised liao. It's DARK SYNCHRO GUYS!

And of course there are lightlords splashed here and there. Namely Raikou and Laila. Told you they were gay...


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