Friday, April 18, 2008

New Banner!

Which is ugly lalala. Gonna edit once I'm free. Temporary banner =/ 10 mins work lol. Btw the whole freaking blog is distorted when I view with firefox. Anyone else have this problem? It's fine when I view on Internet Explorer.

Good bye middle finger series.


Might as well. Gonna do a card review which the blog is lacking these few days. And of course its...

I've never seen people go crazy for a fusion monster ever since Thousand Eyes Sacrifice and Cyber Series. Well can't blame them, the art is like so cool and the effect is pretty good too. I am guilty of buying many many packs just to get this, in the end? I got 5 Goyou Guardian, 3 Nitro, 2 Red Demon, 1 Mental Sphere and like finally 2 Stardust!

Now people might call me crazy, but I wished it was a little bigger. It's not funny when people use Goyou and attempt to scam your Stardust. Or maybe Goyou is just imbalanced... Stealing Opponent's Disk Guy and Gorz and Dark Creator lolol. Ok saving that for another card review.

Sadly, Stardust is easily countered by Gaius and Raiza. The two most famous emperors that I have been ranting to be restricted. Gaius is pretty soon lol. if I wasn't playing some draw whore deck, you will lose in terms of card advantage.

Ok people, I shall not say anything about how to summon this. I swear it's damn easy to summon this. If I say, it would probably be wasting a whole paragraph of stating the obvious.

In the end, I feel that it's not really really overpowered like some people think. Yes summoning 3 in one turn and sending them all to smash face is overpowered, but one single Stardust is not that bad. There are alot of ways to kill it, it's just that the current metagame decks are not made to fight this, except those that already have 3 Gaius in their decks... Just wait a few more weeks, you will see the craze for Stardust lower as people are tuning their decks to include cards to counter it.

Sell now while it's still hot hot hot!!!


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