Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The genesis has begun!

Singapore had a super early release yesterday. Got my box. Full of shit =( /emo

The set is mostly filled with synchro tuner blabla. And of course about 1/4 of the set is filled with Psychic and their supports. I still don't know what you wanna do with all their pay life point effects. And this is not even Lightlords, similiarly going suicidal but I don't see how you are gonna kill your opponent.

Paying LP should have imbalance effects *cough*Delinquent Duo*Cough*Confiscation*cough*Dimension Fusion*cough* and so on...

The theme of burning yourself is very familiar though. VS System's Shadowpact lol. But paying 1000? That's 1/8 of your LP lol. VS system has 50 life! and you pay mostly single digits!

And in this metagame where 8000 lp is not enough, I don't think you can make a deck based on psyhics (unless I miss something, really...)

Just imagine paying like a Cabalist and a Destructor once, on your opponent turn he summon a *Insert a random monster that can be special summoned and is big here*. Suddenly you died lol.

Ok enough about psychics, another theme that Konami has been bringing back is the revival of small monsters...

- Limit Rebirth
- Angel Lift
- Some stupid spirit cat

Disc Guy gonna be banned soon imo. I am inspired to make a deck just for the sake of drawing...

I'm currently ignoring the Synchros, except Stardust just because it looks good. Another article would be coming once I'm more enlightened and search the deeper meaning of the set! (unless there's none, then this set sucks =D)



Found a little bit of enlightenment today. Drawing 5-7 cards per turn is too much too handle. I need a way to discard my cards (for something useful)!!!!

Mr Alex Goh was an unfortunate victim of getting rammed by 3 Stardust. Gratz Alex. Btw seems like the some of the psychics and its support are somewhat strong. Gayer deck inc soon!

Last words.... Special summons needs to be nerfed! I'm not talking about just the synchros, but the old school Dark Armed Dragon shit nonsense as well. And Gaius is overpowered (my stardust=~()


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