Tuesday, April 1, 2008

5 days to tournament!

Well, its now counting down just 5 more days to the upcoming tournament. Which is free btw, in case any of you noobs still havent heard the news. Heres abit more info on the news for you peeps to look at in case you all still do not know about the forum.


Anywayz, as some of you guys have heard by now, Im to tentatively be the head judge for this upcoming tourney. Woohoo, time to take out official tag and dq Jeff. (Yes yes, you all can stop the clapping, thank you) Why do I say tentatively? Well, theres some issues here and there, but to cut it short without revealing too much... Thou shall be rewarded for thy work, thats all I say. So for all you guys know, I may suddenly change to player status and start playing? LOL

Meanwhiles...... This is already occuring so what the heck, if you guys have any ruling questions about your own deck espescially, better post it quick in tag board or something so i can try and answer them now first. As usual, any idiot who does not even know his own deck cards well and has ruling questions or worse, own deck's card effect question, will be labelled as brat and noob status.

Back to some thoughts on this tourney, I figure I will see a good half of the decks to be DAD varient decks, maybe 1/3 or so to be ladd/monarch/gadget varients, the remainder may be some otk varients, for all i know even of the decks which i posted here. Or maybe taken from metagame, the 2nd place winner deck with his ftk? Oh wellz, we shall see on that day. It will also be interesting to see what the overseas champion will use. Maybe I shall go there and show them my FTK and let them see, MUAHAHAHAHA. I guess everyone's dream will be to somewhat go there, and pawn all 4 of them and self proclaim better then the foreign players? Note, dream, LOL. (No offence to the foreign players, I mean the champs are the ones coming after all, who doesnt love a challenge?)


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