Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Look back at the tournament???

Alrighty, its been a good 3 days after the tournament and its finally my turn to post a looking back topic finally. Been busy the last 2 days running around the place so just didnt have a chance to sit down and do it. Anywayz... heres some thoughts first based on the organization and stuff. (Get ready for a long post with abit of ranting)

As most people found out by now, yes, yours truely was the head judge for that day. There was quite abit of planning and discussion this time round, and with me with the old gang of Julian as TO, Calvin as Asst TO, and familiar faces as the judges like Kenneth, GG, Banana as the judges I do hope that there was very minimal cock ups this time round. I do know that for each round of the swiss, I practically made a good 7-8 rounds around the room settling ruling issues and stuff. Hope it was worth it, heh.

Anyway, IMO, still feel this time's round tournament was much more well organized as compared to the x'*cough* tournament. Well, partially also due to the fact that we had a nice holding room for the players when they were done which helped alot, but in the end its the people that made the difference I think. At least this time round I don't hear of any ruling complaints after the tournament. The x'*cough* tournament, I reached home that night I hear tons of comments liao, which I seriously LOL over quite most of them.

With regards to the protectors issue, just a slight apology on them. I do know that I previously posted I believe on the forum, that I had managed to ask for the issue to be overlooked. However, we the judges also got dropped a bomb when JJ's boss practically called up my TO who informed us we cannot overlook it, only at about 10pm the night before. Worse was the deck protector inspection. Zzzzz... All of us practically got a shock when the konami lady suddenly stood up and blocked the way to request for protector check. Seriously quite ignoring us judges who were all there actually. If anybody would like to complain why there were only 6 swiss rounds.... She took up a good 30+ mins for the check, thats where the 7th round went.

Then with regards to the cap on the number of people, another apology there... As mentioned, the plan was originally to actually accept people up to 0930 then we cut it off from there strictly. However, at the last min at 0830, JJ's boss then came over to tell us that he wanted to restrict it to the 160+ people. I tried to call whoever I could to inform them to better rush over already but yeah. Anyway from what I know, the number was filled up only at about 0915 so not that bad I guess. My apologies for those who arrived that last 15 mins. Maybe try coming earlier next time. In case other people organize next time, I will also come early to avoid same problem liao. (Just on the side, apparently there were people offering $5 to $10 to get people to let them their places in the tournament. Abit zzzz if you ask me, though not totally not understandable)

Anyway, that was all about before the finals. I believe swiss went pass quite uneventfully, so I shall skip my post to the finals. Do correct me if Im wrong yah? Anyway, here are some exclusive photos, which only judges have the chance to take for you. Complimentary of Orchi aka Snowboi aka Balde (LOL)

Quarter finals for the hong kong rep vs Fish here. Tsk, banana looks like he's looking at hp, what are my judges doing. (I see the big crowd at the back looking around....)

Here we are with the Malaysia reprensentive versus our Hong Li here. Drastic drop off is hereby declared as tech card of the day. (Not sure what's shocking my judge here, but I just see a nice big open mouth there, LOL)

Here's the Taiwan rep, versus our shifu over here. As I recall, he's the only rep who requested a full table shuffle.
Oh, but he's quite a perfect duelist though.Every turn also draw phase anything happen? Standby phase, blah blah. Best for judges, LOL. But abit much lah, when shifu dun cover anything on field he also ask that.

And finally, our korea rep VS Sui Kai with the very expensive shirt and shoes. According to sources, total cost of both is over $500+. No wonder can get 2nd in Asia, LOL.
MPV card will have to be DDV here. Both rounds which he won he used DDV, with opp having at least 2 to discard and 1 on field to clear, which also is both times the opponent's only monster.
Anyway, thats all for my pics. After the semi finals, I got real sianz, cause I heard about the prizes only at this point, which is top 4 for the singapore tournament and top 4 for the asian tournament. WHICH IS CRAP!!! Seriously, my foreigners all walk home with nothing while my locals walk off with double the prizes. Zzzzz.... My TO and Asst TO went to talk to Jimmy (JJ's boss) to try and appeal the decision but Jimmy insisted to maintain so..... Seriously bad move imo... Either way this prizes was set, if any foreigner lost at quarter final, he would already have gone home with nothing. Real zzzzz......... When I saw the 8 prizes in the morn, I thought it would be for all the top 8, not like this lor.... If any of the foreign players are reading this, I would like to apologise to them on all the Singapore players behalf. Seriously shame on us that they walk home with nothing... Sigh.....

Anyway, that was the end of it all. Not very happy with all the last minute stuff, but at least it was all controllable external things that happened, at least not by my team of judges and I hope everyone had a fun day! My only regret? I DONT GET TO KEEP THE T-SHIRT!!!!! Sad..... Next time I think I really disappear alr, at least I would have got to keep the shirt. Oh wellz... This is the end of my very long post. DS, signing off!


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