Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tournament is coming

And I probably won't join lol. Main reason would be I will be working and I would not be prepared for it anyway. If want to join, join to win! You can always have fun at any other time.

So I finally got my Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon. What to do, since some people bought all the available packs and there is hardly any stock anywhere. Last resort was to buy from the very people who bought them -_-

Even though there are no packs, I don't see people using any of the cards lol. Reminds me of what happened with Barbaros. What's up with all these people keeping many many and not using.

A) Use and make god deck -> popular -> people look for it -> profit!!

B) No one use -> no one looking -> keep let people see and "wah!" awhile -> a little happy inside?

Well anyways, I finally can make the deck I always wanted to make since December lol. No more using weird cards to proxy as it. People go wtf when they see "Cyber Ouroboros/Hell Kaiser Dragon etc" lol. Hey they look black, metallic and is a dragon =D

Good luck to those people who borrow my cards *cough*armshole*cough*. Got armshole better win I tell you!


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