Thursday, March 13, 2008

Random post and Lightlords

Yes I are bored.

Apparently my "dueling days" is now restricted to Fridays only lolol. Yes I am working and that is my off day. *emo*

I are currently playing lightlord. I feel that it is god damn overpowered.

Random things that people should know:

** Deck should be more than 40 (FALSE)
- I killed my opponent before my deck got to half. The only time I decked out was me playing it for the first time with 5 monster and the damn "living dead" there milling myself.

** Milling yourself is retarded (A little true, but mostly false)
- Milling yourself actually helps you summoning judgment dragon fast which kills your opponent just as fast. Rare cases such as throwing 3 Judgement with just one card effect may occur. That's when you curse and bitch.

** Effects are strong (So true)
- All the cards are so god bloody strong. More emphasis below.

Paladin Jean
- 2100 beatstick, easily kills every other 4 star monsters and cyber dragons.

Warrior Garos
- 1850 is decent, effect is also quite usefuk but mostly not used coz I don't wanna deck out.

Beast Wolf
- Free special summons is good, and big too!

Hunter Raikou
- Another pro card, if attacked while in reverse defense opponent can't chain anything because of damage step. Except Divine Wrath but who puts that...

Magician Laila
- Next best thing since Breaker. Splash 3 into your normal decks, I promise I will not call you gay.

Summoner Luminous
- Zombie Master, and we all know that thing that Zombie Master do.

Angel Cherubim
- Good on certain situation, otherwise crap.

Dragon Gragonis
- Easy big 3000+ with trample. You are all familiar with the G word.

Judgment Dragon
- Easy summon, easy clear board, eat 3000 in the face.

First day fight with dark decks. Mostly win unless they manage to summon MOBC + Dark Armed and OTK me instead. Otherwise they are usually dead by the time they fill the grave and set the field up. Yes it may sound exaggerated but yes, true story.

Common scenario:
1) Set Raikou and Flashing Illusion, dog dies and discard 3. Use Illusion summon whatever, normal summon and rush!
2) By now you probably discarded near half of your deck by the end of turn. on the 3rd turn, depending on how good your hand is, you can probably summon Judgement, or you can just rush as per normal with your little weenies and Illusioned a Gragonis if it is in grave.
3) At this point, your opponent would be really almost dead. Next turn you will most likely get something to help you summon Judgment.

Yes I'm assuming you don't get mirror forced/Torrential. But even if you did, you can just Illusion and summon Gragonis and smack him in the face for 3000+ damage, and with a possibility of Judgment on the next turn, it's mostly GG.

And this is haven't use Solar Exhange yet. If you intend to go for the kill this turn, start spamming it and hope a Wolf come out and swarm swarm swarm. Dead opponent.

Budget and overpowered.


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