Monday, March 10, 2008

[Deck] Jinzo Reborn~

Well, everyone seems to be abit busy these days, finally with the exception of me while im out looking for a job and stuff, heh. Everyone pray for dai-ma-oh pls~ Meanwhilez....... Those who have been at khatib the last 2 saturdays would have seen this new deck already. Its seriously tons of fun, and pretty violent if you ask me. It plays out well be it if you want to just do a otk rush or you wanna just do a 3800 per turn 1 card combo. Wanna know more? Read on....

[Monster] = 15

[1] Dark Magician Of Chaos
[2] Dark Arm Dragon
[2] Andriod Psycho Shocker - Jinzo
[3] Lightlord Beast - Wolf
[3] Knight Of The End
[3] Andriod - Psycho Returner
[1] Card Gunner

[Magic] = 25

[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Hurricane
[1] Early Burial
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Brain Control
[1] Hand Destruction
[1] Megamorph
[1] Limit Break
[2] Arms Hole
[2] Reinforcement
[3] Name Prediction
[3] Monster Gate
[3] Card Of Safe Return
[2] Foolish Burial
[2] Magic Mining Stone

Once again, another pure monster and magic deck without traps. With cry of living dead gone, choice easier to make. For me the only one left is tidal wave. Either i use it or i don't. Anywayz...

This is very fun and yet a very violent deck. Even though there is a good 15 monsters in the deck, a good 5 of them cant be summoned out by reasoning/gate. So thats only 10 targets for the usuals. This means, with a name prediction, you can just suddenly get out 1 wolf + 1 random monster easily. 2 for 1. And especially if you have card of safe return already played, the wolf will actually get you 1 free draw. That is course reasoning/gate flip UNTIL a monster that can be NORMAL summoned, before special summoning it. Since wolf CANNOT be normal summoned, it will flip past wolf, therefore, letting it drop directly from deck to grave, activating its condition to sp summon it out. And since from the grave... Voila~

As for the 3800 combo, its really very easy. Just have a jinzo already in the grave, by whatever method previously. Summon out a knight of the end and drop in returner, and jinzo appears! Again, card of safe return nets free card. Just 1 jinzo in the grave can easily go in and out of grave a good 3-4 times in a duel even. Even better if you had to revive the knight of the end, say, using early burial. 1 early burial with the card of safe return therefore nets you 2 cards on the field, and 2 cards in hand. Talk about earning advantage if you ask me. The foolish burial acts similarly. Either drop in your returner, or it can even drop in wolf in despo situations. Maybe you need a monster on the field for extra damage, you will draw 1 with safe return, etc.

And the dark arm dragon? They are there just to blast face down monsters. Who cares about m/t on the field when the jinzos are there. If its enemy controller or shrink, it will just be used on a jinzo which will have returned to grave in the end phase. If goats, it just prolongs the opp's torture. And further more, less worries about gorz. If he has a trap on the field, the jinzo will lock it down and he cant even waste the trap so that gorz appear. I have definelty seen less of him since I played this deck.

Just on a side note though. Note that the returners entering grave has to be the last thing to happen before you can summon that jinzo. Therefore, no funny lightning vortex and hand destruction combos should anyone even consider them. Okayz, I think I've done a long enough post as usual, heh. Hope to see you guys try it out, its seriously tons of fun~ (And very violent)


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