Sunday, March 2, 2008

Monster reborn is a cool card!


Today we are gonna talk about the card that changed the banlist and how it affects you! Yes it's such a pro card that it deserve a post of its own.

We all know what it is and all the cool trick it does.

The most imbalance thing about this card, especially in this age of grave removal via DD crow is.....

Special summoning a monster from opponent grave!

There is no way your opponent can stop it, thanks to the banning of Call of the Haunted.

Magician of Black Chaos: Take opponent one, then summon yours, good game!
Shocker: No more Living Dead hoho!
Disk Guy: emo pls

So with just one card, it changes people's deck. You would be playing Dark Armed Dragon to the max since your opponent can't use it against you. Or an Emperor deck since scamming a 2400 vanilla beatstick is kinda pointless. And it actually forces people to play their Knight of the End skillfully now. I'm guilty of just throwing Disk Guy/MOBC on the first turn, wait one more turn and you can do cool stuff like summon Dark Armed and mobc and whatever your hand permits.

What I hate about this card is people can once again "Destiny Draw!" (not the magic card) and suddenly he got 2 mobc on the field or maybe summon opponent Disk guy and sac for some gay high level. Just yesterday I drew this when I had no hand and special summoned opponent shocker and hit his Phantom of Chaos for the win lol.

Totally luck based, but oh well its Yugioh after all, what am I talking about...


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