Thursday, February 28, 2008

Analyzing the new pack!

As everyone probably noticed, Light of Destruction has been out for a week and I'm so busy working, so didn't really have much time to update. I didn't have much time to analyze the cards closely but I'm just gonna write out some notable and fun cards =D

We all know how strong this is! Using this during the opponent battle phase can result in cool stuff.
Combine with Vic Viper XX03 (yes that supposedly shit card) for huge tokens!

[Lightlord Beast Wolf]
DS' wet dream! Possible summoning through Reasoning, Monster Gate because it is a compulsory effect, so will not miss timing. Probably one of the reasons why Foolish Burial got restricted together with Cyber Dragon lol.
Cyber Dragon + Foolish Burial = Big gay high level
Cyber Dragon + Foolish Burial + Normal Summon + something something = OTK probably
Yeah, maybe some people at Konami are as imaginative as me lol

[Psycho Returner]
More Foolish Burial combos. Apparently is an optional effect so lol@DS! Don't come and bother me every night about your watever gay combos ok!!

[Judgement Dragon]
Easy to summon and strong effect. Yum yum!

[Disk Rider]
Konami act cute, pun of Disk Raida decks. Pretty strong too, remove a normal trap to become a 2200, dead cydra yo.

[Spacia Gift]/[Cross Porter]
More bug spotted. Hello hello to cards with the letter "N"! (I'm not talking about Neo Spacian)
The splendid VENUS
The big SATURN
Arcana Force XVIII - THE MOON
Arcane Force I - THE MAGICIAN

lol =D

[Limit Rebirth]
Imbalance all out! And you thought no more Call of the Haunted equals no more Disk Guy abuse. Now you have to play with 3 of these.
Some other notable monster to special summon would be Visor Shock, summon and bounce all the set cards during end phase hoho.

On the Lightlords theme. Anyone care to test it out? It feels like big sized monster beatdown and faster rape your opponent before you ran out of deck (of course there are 3 Avarice but well, shit happens)

For curious people about ruling and stuff, I'm lazy and have no time to cater to your needs. So please self service as I have linked the >> Wiki here <<


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