Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Worst banlist ever!

Ok maybe not the worst, but it's really bad. I've read a lot of different opinions but yah I think the konami banlist department is really screwed up. Lets start with the banned list.

Magician of Faith
Magical Warrior - Breaker
Call of the Haunted

Yes I would start with the banned list cos it's the most important in the list in my opinion.

The cards above are not worth to be banned at all. Some say because Monster reborn is out so Magician of Faith has to go in, so if there was no Monster Reborn, it wouldn't be in here right? Then some say its the 3 apprentice magician so st mag is easily searchable. So what if you can search it, theres no nice magic to take, but wait! It's Monster Reborn's fault again!

Breaker is weak, half the time it met bottomless traphole which people put to eat Dark Armed Dragon and whatever cool big monster people put in their deck.

Call of the haunted, another weird card to go in. Yes 3 Jinzo but cmon, who doesn't put DD crow in their deck (side included). If you don't put DD crow in your deck or side then yes I can safely say you have issues with your deck building. I am not kidding. Yes, arguments are welcome.

Restricted to 1:
Wind Emperor Raiza
Advanced Ritual Art
Monster Reborn
Nobleman of Crossout
Ojyama Trio

Restriction of Crossout is also dumb, might as well just unrestrict. Ojyama Trio is unexpected but then again, I think its because of Summon Limit trap thing that causes OTK. And I guess it was an easy kill thing that raises the flag in the konami department.

No comments on Monster reborn, its the root of this screwed up banlist.

Restricted to 2:
Cyber Dragon
Light And Darkness Dragon
Foolish Burial
Book of Moon
Mage Power
Magic Stone Excavation

Say "Yeah!" to LADD and Necroface!
The rest are just weird...

Released from restriction
Android Psycho Shocker
Apprentice Magician
Creature Swap
Pot of Avarice
Reckless Greed

Hello again to gadgets. At least you can now use your 3 shockers to maybe owns them as there are least Cyber Dragons. Hi gadget players, are you despo enough to put in proto! The rest is pretty much fine.

Conclusion: I blame Monster Reborn. Some sick dude must've suggested
"Hey we ran out of cards to release of banlist, how ah?"
"Chaos series and yata is too gay! hmmm...."
"I know! Monster Reborn is cool! Yugi uses it all the time to pwn his opponents!"
"Oh my god that is so true! I can now reborn my Blue Eyes White Dragon woot!"
*Prints banlist*


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