Friday, February 22, 2008

More info on fun stuff~

Hello again pplez.... Got abit of spare time again, so kinda just checked around for info. New bits of info coming out, which all seems rather interesting, so you may wanna check them out. As followz.......

1. New anime! -
After GX, comes a new anime, called Yu Gi Oh 5Ds. New characters all together. Set in the same town of Yugi Mutou, but a good couple of decades later. Duels are now played on motorcycles, where they call them Riding Duels. Dun ask me how that works out... Main character wise, is Yusei Fudou, with his key card being the upcoming pack spoiler card, namely Stardust Dragon. For once, we are apparently getting a "COOL" character. As compared to the first being a wimp, and the second being half an idiot, LOL. But if you ask me... The design of the characters seem abit crappy. From the description which I see, save for the small kids, the other 3 seem to be going down the cool line if you ask me... There are some links below for some picures of the characters and the various seiyuu, so you may wanna see that. Anyway, this one first starts showing on 2nd April night so thats still abit of time away. With some luck by 3rd morning we may get to see it on youtube or something.

2. More details on duel terminal! -
As compared to what Darius was telling me (Its a gashapon machine means there is just a mini game, but mainly just to get special cards, shouldnt have much duels or anything) It seems I may be more accurate. There is even a screenshot here of the gameplay, but dun ask me why there is only 3 monster and 3 m/t zones. Looks quite cool? I dun know, kinda reminds me of ps2 graphics for the 3d bit of BEWD. (LOL, the top of the machine shows all 3 main characters on top)

3. Small impt info on gameplay -
This page shows typically the similar stuff mentioned earlier, about sac summon change to being called advance summon, etc, so refer back to my old post. The ONLY main important info i would like to note here, I would like to point you guys to the numbers. Main deck size is now 40 - 60 deck size. Side deck is also no longer strictly 0 or 15 deck size now, but any amount from 0 to 15 instead. The most important one to point out? Same rule goes for the fusion pile. You can only have 0 up to maximum of 15 in any tourney. Well, helps judges from having to see 1 giant pile of fusion piles for sure. And for fusion related piles, time to start thinking which ones do they want to bring

4. Starter deck 2008 info -
Nothing really new mentioned here. Just that it will be 40 common cards, 1 ultra, and 2 super rare cards. Your ultra card will be Junk Warrior, effect as per previous post. White card with gold text looks quite cool actually now that I see it. Guess as compared to being a starter deck, I would rather think this is more like a Yusei Fudou character deck. Not that it really matters. The first deck with the new 5Ds symbol as well, but no background or anything on the box, so thats bit boring. Oh well....

Anywayz, thats about it for now. Do go look at the sites, I had alot of fun scanning through them myself. Weee, time to plan new violent deck, LOL


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