Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Banlist thoughts and ideas!

Helloz people, know most of you guys havent seen me in 2 weeks now, way too busy due to work. Me and baha saw the new ban list yesterday and he was due to do this post cause i was too busy. Well, its the next day, no post from him, and I am free for an hour right now so I guess I will do it then.

First and foremost, for people who like me form a deck looking at the full list, the link is here... http://shriek.twoday.net/stories/4714835

If you just want to see the updates though, the link is here...

(Above thanks to fav translation sites, shriek and dmcomet)


Magician Of Faith
- Not really being used recently anywhere from what I see. More beatdown recently, and people rather concentrate on monsters recently due to dark arm and creator. But since book of moon is now at 2, I guess it works out?

- Well, thats 1 staple dark monster for everyone gone, and with apprentice back at 3 (Not sure if apprentice makes any diff anyway), more replacements for m/t destruction will have to be found for the beatdowners. Not that majorly big change if you ask me though

Cry of living dead
- With monster reborn back, seems like a logical choice? Not that I would support the idea, but they should actually put in early burial instead of cry of living dead. This only allows for magic recursion to start up, but guess we gonna live with it for 6 months. Meanwhile, no more end phase airman for cyclone, end phase disk guy, etc etc, whatever you can think of.


- Finally, this card is in! Lockdown is not good, especially when you have a 2400 atk monster on opp field breathing down your neck. Guess Konami finally figured that out. At least all the other monarchs just helps create an advantage, but does nothing to lock the opponent down. Even Gaius 1k dmg bit is nowhere close to being as strong as this card, even though it can also take down any 1 card on the field.

Advanced Ritual
- No more demise deck for awhile i belive. Not that it was thriving anyway, but at least it is still a rather fun deck. But then again, allows you to fill up grave for creator, dark arm, etc, so... I would say 2 would be fine actually, imo.

Monster reborn
- Woohoo! Game changing yes, but at least it would probably speed up plays alot. A gd point to note that even though it make emobc decks stronger true, but just imagine if the opponent draws the reborn earlier then you. Yes, you have your ddr and all, but still, its on the opponent side, and you have to find a way to kill it before you can do anything. Not to mention if he takes back reborn, den gets out disk guy too. Talk about a sudden 1 for 4 cards. (Dun tell me how low the chance may be, remember, reborn takes both graves, you sure its THAT hard?) Anyway, I guess that adds 1 staple into EVERYONE's deck. Other then alternate win conditions decks prob.

Nobleman of Crossout
- Hmmm, i see this one, then book of moon to 2, always makes me remember famous jeff's, protecting his mystic level 2 by covering a book of moon. LOL. Anyway, not very important, theres shield crush, and with all the recent beatdown trends, it always just had mainly side deck status to begin with.

Ojyama Trio
- Well, that deals a blow to the dying deck of the chain burn. No more 2k damage with 1 trap card. But as said, this deck was never popular ever since the last ban list, so.... NEXT

Semi Restrict

- Nuuuuuuuuuuu..... Oh wellz, the main issue would be I will probably have to cut down on power bond decks for awhile, LOL. But in a sense good for me also. Less worry about having to see chimeratech fortress killing my field, plus I usually function on 2 for non powerbond decks anyway. So not as major a blow to me as people would think.

- LOL, no more otk deck out decks for the time being I would guess. This majorly kills off that deck by quite abit. And save for the otk deck out, it never had much play in anywhere else anyway, so I believe it was just to prevent that 1 particular deck. Shucks for Banana

- Hmmm, only semi? But well, thats 1 lesser dragon to kill, and that much harder to draw it, so no major complains i guess. This just pushes more people towards playing dark beatdown anyway.

Foolish burial
- Only 1 word to describe this restriction. LOL???? Did anyone play 3 in the first place? And if yes, how many???

Book of Moon
- Jeff loves this I guess. And it does help to shut down the almighty DAD (dark arm), so why not. It gives me headaches as an otk player, but still a pretty good call to put it to 2 i believe. Esp with saint mag not around. Jeff you gonna play back mystic level 2? LOL

Power of mage
- Ah..... Should have been out 3 years ago? Not much point lah. LIMIT BREAK IS BETTER!!!!

Magic Shard Excavation
- Woohoo, limit break * 3 time liaoz. LOL. As if i have so much of a hand size. But anywayz. This is not bad, at least wont have to headache over having magic to throw. Not much people plays this card anyway other then for alt win decks. Except for me of course, LOL. But then, even I would have to think if I will play 2 as I have been happy with 1 for awhile so... We shall see. (Maybe keep taking back FF for even more AGUG? LOL.)


- Seriously, not much point in putting it at 2, might as well leave it out lor, ban list so long i print 3 pages leh.

Psycho Shocker
- Well, since at 2 didnt make a diff, might as well put back to 3, LOL. Helps to promote the upcoming pack for selling anyway. I may consider playing a psycho returner deck for fun, LOL

Pot of avarice
- Will turbo pot come back? Doubt it, too many people play dark beat so far and loving it. Unless you think of playing a dark turbo pot with creator deck? May work, may not. But will prob not ever get to a staple deck status, so... I think most people will still play only 2. (Makes you think if you want 3 with monster reborn in your deck anyway, LOL) And again, too much people playing dark beat with creator / DAD, which those decks cant put avarice, so, why not?

Creature swap
- Apprentice and swapping anyone? But no saint mag so abit no point also. Playing it in gadget decks? Maybe, but gadgets always prefered monster destruction rather then swapping? It was never a popular choice for gadgets anyway.

Apprentice Mag
- No breaker, no saint mag. Left old aunty...... Lousy card?

Reckless Greed
- Hmmm, abit iffy, but then again, you have to use all 3 at the same time for some advantage. If you use them 1 by 1, it doesnt do much, plus as said earlier, chain burn is dying out, so.....

Anywayz, thats my post so far, know its abit long and I have to get back to work soon so... Cheers~


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