Thursday, January 31, 2008

Finally its here!!!!

Woohoo, finally, something I have always thought was very feasible and have been waiting for is finally here. For a quick look, see the below link

Not sure what it means? Well, this is still pretty vague, but with some luck, it kinda means playing YGO in sango style. You know, that game in the arcade where you move the cards around? Thats the one. With some luck, this means we can really put the cards on the machine, draw a card, scan them in the machine and play them out, etc.

A few concerns on my mind would be stuff like...

1. Only 50 type of cards available right now. Build what deck? LOL
2. Price confirm cough cough one siah. In japan cost $1.20 to play, plus you prob get 1 card per play. To build a deck in japan it will cost you $48 alr. What with singapore prices, $2 per game maybe??? $80, cough cough, my moneyz........ (But den again, hopefully got structure decks)
3. Scan 40 cards ah. Unless there's some new scanning system out, slotting in 40 cards 1 at a time, cough cough, stress
4. Finally, will this thing even visit us in Singapore anot. If its an only Japan machine, or none of the *toot* arcade operators in singapore bring it in, then must buy air ticket to go play liaoz....

Well, we can only hope for this particular machine to even appear, then we can think of whether my various concerns are proper. Time to wait for late march-april, hmmm. Maybe anyone can surf the net and see if you can fiind any info on it yah?

And next, time for a new system in the game! Synchro and tuner monsters! (Ignore the name changes lah, its just a name.......) I would like to put speed warrior aside, not very notable imo. I mean yes, its a 2 star first turn 1800, but thats it. Unless you are building a pure synchron/tuner deck, otherwise not very strong. Theres alot more 2 star stuff to sacrifice for the tuner monster anyway. (Franken baby please come back...)

But anywayz, this is just the first. I would expect there will be alot more synchron monsters with other levels then this one to appear, if not in the starter deck then from the next pack onwards. Shame that the first one to get printed will be a warrior though... (BORING)

Anywayz, looking at Junk synchron effect, it allows for a revival for any 2 star and lower, though effect is negated. No disc guy abuse people... But the revival will allow a nice activation of any card of safe return, so that seems interesting. Also, if you summon a 2 star, you can sac that away for our syncrhon monster - Junk warrior straight away. Kinda a once per turn 2300 attack monster? Not to mention if you can summon any other 2 star monsters and more, it will get even bigger. Hey, a speed warrior on field will get it to 3200, thats seriously big. Furthermore, not a activated effect both for the summoning of this thing, as well as the adding attack bit so.... (Repeat after me... LADD Suxor) Not to mention if I do read the rules correctly, you can actually revive it when it dies. (In case you wanna ask a dumb question, you cant metamorphesis out a synchron monster, at least according to how I read the preliminary rulings)

Anywayz.... Thats how I temp read it for now. Sounds like quite a few new and exciting stuff for both the arcade machine, as well as the starter deck. So sit back and relax as we await for more news!


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