Sunday, January 27, 2008

Worse game ever????

Just a small update cause I seriously couldnt let this past siahz. I was reading through metagame's latest article for their tournament when I came across this match for a LADD versus a bad simochi burn deck. Read it for yourself.

I see misplay after misplay until I buey tahan. Interesting deck yes, but playing skill??? Like zzzz. Don't even say that, the LADD user also makes one of the biggest mistakes possible by that stupid heavy storm. And then you guys remember when I went to USA I met this guy who asked me if I had any ruling questions and I could ask him. As I read through the second match, I seriously began to doubt it...... Read it CAREFULLY and see if you notice a serious mistake NOBODY noticed. Meaning, the players, the people surrounding, the judges, and even the darn metagame publisher.

Got it? Don't even know why Im noting so many weird things recently. Look closely at upstart goblin. If you note it carefully, why the hell is it dealing 1k damage??? Yes, bad simochi is on the field im not blind, but look again carefully. The LADD player has a royal palace on the field!!! So that quite means that not only he would not have taken damage, but added life instead. So with the final 3 cards played, he will still have 2k life left lor!!! Sigh, but what to do.... I see the SKILL involved in this match I also abit zzz alr. Oh well, till next time kiddies.

Edit by baha: As I am too lazy to open another post lol and since we are on the same topic anyway.

He summoned Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer, activated Fissure, and brought Light and Darkness Dragon down to 1800 ATK. Smashing Ground reduced it to 1300 ATK, and Kycoo attacked! T lost Torrential Tribute and Pulling the Rug from the field, while Kycoo stripped his graveyard of Cyber Dragon and Disk commander — he was forced to special summon Destiny Hero – Malicious in defense mode.



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