Thursday, January 24, 2008

Playing style makeover???

Hello everyone, here I am again.

Actually I wanted to post this earlier, but the spoilers came along and I thought most people would have interest in that first. Anywayz, this time round, this post is regarding this particular article which came up in Metagame a couple of weeks back. Heres a direct link to that article for you guys to take a look and see if you notice anything weird.

............. Finished?

Well, if you still havent noticed anything weird in this article, you obviously havent played enough. I would like to call your attention to the portion about The Battle Step Continues, both example 1 and 2.........

Still dont see it? Sigh, here it is for the blind. By the previous way we have been playing, example 1 would not be possible, as once the attack goes through, you are supposed to enter damage step. But then again, this article actually creates extra timing for the battle step. Kinda ends up like VS, where you can actually create a new chain in the same timing, which makes it weird.

The worse one is even example 2 in the case of gravity bind. Not only does it create that extra timing, but since gravity bind is supposed to stop off the attack, when in our old playing method the attack is supposed to have already gone through and entered damage step. Seriously something different from our style if you ask me.

Then Replays is another crazy portion. Similarly, after the mirror force has been negated, the attack should have gone through into damage step by our playing method. But by this example, that extra timing allows you to open cry of living dead, and even start a replay??

Well, I dont know about you guys, but this is 1 serious weird article. You guys may wanna discuss about it here. Maybe the guy who wrote this article is a VS player and got his rulings mixed up? I don't know, but I would say that metagame is not a 100% accurate site imo, so I would say we should maintain our current rulings, while this gets checked out...


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