Friday, January 18, 2008

Latest Cards Review!

Alright people, as some of you will have seen by now, there are more spoilers appearing for the next pack and a big bunch at that. For the full card effects, head over to dmcomet yah? Just gonna post a few of the more notable ones yah with some comments and ideas.

LODT-JP003?Miracle Flipper (ミラクル・フリッパー)Light/?/2/?/?
When [Miracle Flipper] is on the field, this card cannot be summoned, reverse summoned, or special summoned. When this card is face-up on the field, opponent cannot attack your other monsters. When this card is destroy as result of battle, special summon this card to opponent's field. When this card is destroy by Magic, Trap, or effect of effect monster, destroy a monster on opponent's field.
- This card is another of the infinite stall cards, after platoon commander. Similar stall tactic and works well together also. Just summon platoon commander out, sp summon miracle flipper, and infinite stall is done!
Further more, this card will even punish your opp if he attempts to destroy your combo, by destroying their monsters which will probably have slowly gathered on the field while you were stalling. Quite strong and notable imo.

Lightlord Beast - Wolff (ライトロード・ビースト ウォルフ)Light/Beast-Warrior/4/2100/300
This card cannot be Normal Summoned. When this card is sent to Graveyard from the deck, special summon this card to your field.
- This card... TOOooooooooooooo STRONG! Too many methods to abuse it even in a none light lord deck. Fancy using a magical merchant to summon out 3 and add a m/t to your hand at the same time? Or maybe just use a reasoning or monster gate to get out even more monsters. Further more, it has 2100 attack, quite almost the highest you can get for basics. Def something OTK players can consider getting 3. Im getting 3 for myself for sure.

Lightlord Hunter - Raiku (ライトロード・ハンター ライコウ)Light/Beast/2/200/100
Reverse: You can destroy a card on the field. Send the top 3 cards from your deck to Graveyard.
- Very good card imo. You can destroy any card of your choice on the field, yet get to reduce deck size, fits lightlord's tactics very well.

LODT-JP02XJudgment Dragoon (裁きの龍(ジャッジメント・ドラグーン))Light/Dragon/8/3000/?
This card cannot be Normal Summoned. This card cannot be special summon outside of when there are 4 or more types of [Lightlord] monsters in your Gravyeard. Pay ??? lifepoints, destroy all cards on the field outside of this card. When this card is face-up on your field, during each of your End Phase send the top 4 cards on the deck to Graveyard.
- Repeat after me. CED.... Ok fine, its more like a demise for its effect, but seriously, most people will just think CED. Too easy to summon out if you're playing the appropriate deck, and at 0 cost. Just note, lightlord deck seems very easy to deck out, and sending 4 every turn is starting to get dangerous, LOL

LODT-JP02XDark Valkyria (ダーク・ヴァルキリア)Dark/Angel - Dual/4/1800/1050
When this card is face-up on the field or in Graveyard, treat this card as a Normal monster. When this card is face-up on the field and as treated as a Normal Summon you re-summon this card, this card becomes an effect monster and gains the following effect.- When this card is face-up on the fied, once you can put a Magic Counter on this card. For each Magic Counter on this card, increase this card's attack strength by 300. Also, remove a Magic Counter from this card, destroy a monster on the field.
- 1 of the best dual monsters so far imo. Just use an early burial on it, then dual summon it. Add counter, then sac the counter to destroy a monster, 1800 is good enough to kill off another monster. Talk about 1 for 3??

Battery Man - Button Type (電池メン-ボタン型)Light/Thunder/1/500/100
Reverse: Special Summon a [Battery Man] monster with level 4 or lower from your deck, your Graveyard, and RFG zone. Also, when this reversed card is sent to Graveyard as result of destroy in battle, draw a card from your deck.
- 2 tactics to play for this monster. Either you use it as a OTK method to summon out your old battery whichever it is, the add 1k attack for each battery thingy then reckless summoning. Or simply use it for free card advantage. Just draw 1 card and still have another wall on field.

Battery Man - Industrial Use (電池メン-業務用)Light/Thunder/8/2600/0
This card cannot be Normal Summoned. This card can only be initially special summoned by removing 2 [Battery Man] monsters from your Graveyard from the game. Remove a Thunder type monster from your Graveyard from the game, destroy a monster and a Magic/Trap card on the field. This effect can only be activate once per turn.
- Battery man seriously gaining some seriously ground in this pack. Just remove from game 3 battery from the grave and earn 3 cards. Another 1 for 3 card here seriously. It can even be sp summoned by any method, just that you have to sp summon it out the 1st time first.

Iregaeru (イレガエル)Water/Aqua/1/100/2000
Sacrifice a monster on your field. Choose a [Gaeru] ("Frog") monster from your deck and special summon it to your field. When this card is face-up on the field, [Gaeru] ("Frog") monsters cannot be destory as result of battle.
- Note that this card actually conveniently includes itself. That makes it a nice cannot be killed wall, with the ability to search out your favourite froggy even by itself. Not bad?

LODT-JP04XDragoon D-ENDDark/Warrior/10/3000/3000
[Destiny Hero Bloo-D] + [Destiny Hero Dogmaguy]
This card can only be Fusion Summoned by the above cards. Once per turn you can destroy a monster on opponent's field and dealt damage to opponent equal to that monster's attack strength. You cannot have Battle PHase the turn this effect was used. When this card is in Graveyard during your Standby Phase, you can remove a [Destiny Hero] card from Graveyard from the game to special summon this card.
- Finally, the actual effect. This is quitea strong fusion seriously. It can actually be sp summoned by any method, namely franken, your illusion summoner, metamorphesis, etc. Just that you wun get to sp summon it out after that. But hey, you get to kill off 1 opponent monster and deal damage at the same time. Why not? And if you did properly fusion it out, even better. Kinda makes it an infinite free returning monster actually. And my final card review next.....

LODT-JP04XAntique Gear Ultimate Golem (古代の機械究極巨人)Earth/Machine/10/4400/3400
[Antique Gear Golem] + [Antique Gear] monsters x2
This card cannot be special summon outside of by Fusion summon. When this card attacks monster in defense moe, and that defense strength is lower than this attack strength, deal battle damage to opponent equal to the difference. When this card attacks, opponent cannot activate Magic/Trap card until the end of Damage STep. When this card is destroy, special summon an [Antique Gear Golem] from your Graveyard ignoring all summoning requirements.
- LOL, confirm most zai fusion machine so far. Relatively easy to fusion out. If you even use sub fusion, you can use that and another 2 antique gear monsters and it appears. If you power bond it some more, just think 8800 trampler which is not scared of any holy barrier, dimensional prison, etc. And if it gets tidal wave or anything funny, at least you still get to call out your antique gear golem and console yourself with 3k instead? Something I will consider playing in the future.

Alright, this post is getting kinda long, so I shall stop it at here. There are actually quite a few more notable cards, but mostly for specific decks so it shall stop here. Quite a few decks actually get boosts from here, and couple of good themes may be considered after this pack. Namely, Lightlord and Batteryman seem very very competitive. Not that I will form them lah, since non machine, LOL. Till next time noobs and pros!


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