Sunday, January 13, 2008

Omg its a looking back post!

Yes you can tell from the lack of looking back post that I have always died miserably somewhere that is not worth mentioning. But since today I did make it with my [Emobc] Deck!

I'm too lazy to put up my decklist, it was changed because I was lacking some cards and have to find alternatives. Be Creative! lol

1st Match: William (oh wow, yet again...) - Disk Raida variant
Yes I seem to always meet William in tournaments when I make new decks so he can thrash me with his LADD decks of different variants whenever I meet him. I thought to myself, "wtf, got so heng?" oh well too much crap.
Oh well anyways, I can't remember alot of things from the match except when he had Marshmallow and I had nothing to clear it, godamn Dark Armed was buried somewhere in the deck. Managed to clear using I dunno wat (probably torrential or a brain control hmm..) and won with MOBC loop.
Second game was even worse, I had to deal with BlooD, which was just something that totally pwns the deck when it absorbs MOBC. I managed to Torrential that too and won again with the usual MOBC loop (nerf pls!!).

2nd Match: Unknown to me - Dark deck
Seems abit emo and angry, keep slamming his deck after shuffle and slam my deck after shuffle too.
First round won with the usual (you know what) and a Priestess Ohm to burn his remaining LP.
2nd round was me getting raped, I dunno wtf I was doing and just doing nothing special.
Won the 3rd round with you-know-what again. But mostly due to his Snipe Stalker missing 2 rolls which pretty much sealed the deal. (I <3 Bao Chun's dice)

3rd Match: Greatguy - More Disk Raida Variants Best match of the day imo. First game I was too kanchiong. See his LP wrongly, thought can OTK with Priestess Ohm. And then all my Arms hole was gone coz I went to noobishly take premature for my Priestess. I was like oh shit, pls dont draw anything big. Won in the end after slowly clearing and poking. Second game was probably my best hand. I actually kinda forgot what was it but my field was Summon Priest, Knight of the End, and mobc all dealing direct attack. Used Summon Priest effect to get Ohm, and shot all 3, Arms hole for the premature in the grave and took ohm again for the last bit of hp.

4th and 5th was pure rape for me. Bao Chun and Yong Siang were both playing special deck and my side deck not prepared to fight against them. How to fight Dark Gaia deck and the other one is Cosmos out of game deck... -_- At least now I know what to add into my side deck..

Well that is all for looking back, I know it's probably nothing special since most of it is
(Summon Priest)Knight of the End -> Mobc -> Arms hole lol

The above combo was deemed gay and my deck was "lousy".

I just wanna take this opportunity to shoot back the people who "oh pls dont restrict ladd, its not gay, it's just good card"

I would say -> "Please dont ban Mobc, its not gay, it's just a good card."

Same meaning, Kthxbye!


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