Friday, January 4, 2008

[Deck] Emobc!

So today I'm gonna post a deck, which is probably on the mind of many people already but I haven't seen one being played at all. Cannot think of a nice deck name yet so I shall just call it...

[Deck] Emobc

Monsters = 18

[1]Chaos Black Magician
[3]Dark Armed Dragon
[3]Prophet of Creation
[3]Spirit Destroyer Kaikuu
[1]Priestess Ohm
[1]Magical Warrior Breaker
[3]Knight of the End
[3]Summon Priest

Magic = 18

[1]Golden Chest of Sealing
[1]Heavy Storm
[1] Cyclone
[1]Early Burial
[1]Brain Control
[2]Dimension Magic
[1]Pot of Avarice
[2]Reinforcement of the Army
[3]Arms Hole

Traps = 5

[1]Mirror Force
[1]Call of the Haunted
[1]Torrential Tribute
[2]Dark Dimension Release

Name is inspired by all the emo kids playing yugioh now. And besides, the deck is pretty emo itself. Just look at the card list... Casino De Baha waiting to happen!

How to play:

- 3 Kycoo is not too much, just look at all the dark armed, dark creator, disc guy recurring crap ass decks now
- See, even I play 3 Dark Armed out of nowhere lol
- Summon priest can summon pretty much anything from the deck except the high levels of course
- Knight of the End -> MoBC/Dark Armed
- Arms Hole -> Early Burial/D.D.R
- Dimension Magic since everything is mostly Magician
- Priestess is so damn good in this deck for filling grave and burning that last bit of LP
- Prophet is also damn pro, recycling Dark Armed is dream come true

- DD crow will fuck up your combo if your arms hole got removed
- White Horn Dragon will also fuck you up
- Raiza will probably fuck your mobc up as well
- Fossil Dyna will probably rape the deck as well
- Crazy people who put 3 Twisters or something, whole deck collapse
- Too many fuck ups

So yah, another simple to play deck. No complicated combos, and it can OTK if your hand are cool. But too easily countered, you have to take the lead early and pressure the opponent, and loop it, and win!


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