Friday, January 4, 2008

Crazy Deck!!!

Hello people, and happy new year to all. Guess I will be the first guy in this blog posting for 2008. Did mention that I will be posting up something quite gay, in terms of deck of course, no funny thoughts here. Some of you guys have probably seen the deck, some may not yet. Anywayz, here is the deck list...

Deck Name - Magical Variation Technique, in short, MVT!
Monsters (5)
Magician Of Black Chaos
Light Emperor - Kreis
Cyber Vary * 3

Magic (35)
Name Prediction * 3
Monster Gate * 3
Instant Fusion * 3
Magical Inspection Technique * 2
Mass Driver * 2
Early Burial
D.D.R * 2
Arms Hole * 2
Dimensional Induced Explosion * 2
Dimension Fusion
Wealthy Goblin * 3
Hand Destruction
Hand Severing * 3
Machine Duplication * 3
Golden Chest Of Sealing
Magic Mining Stone
Magic Recovery * 2

Fusion Pile
Mecha Saurus!!! (To no purpose at all save that I just need a 5 star fusion. Just that I SONG!)

Alright people, as some of you might have noticed, this is quite similar to the previous toon cannon soldier infinite mobc shoot deck. However, this is new and improved for sure, as it is much easier to pull off now.

Reasons why?
- You no longer need any magic recovery or whatever to take back any important magic you need
- The old version mainly used cannon soldier to shoot. This one is magic, works well with magic recovery, mobc, etc
- Drawing engine in the deck, rather then a reduce deck size engine. So no need for any Toon Index, or all the funny cards in this deck.

Shall not teach too much on how to play it, as you seriously have to play it for yourself to learn the deck. It is a very very difficult deck to play. On a scale of 1-10 I will give it a 12 seriously. Mainly, it abuses cyber vary 2nd and 3rd ability, which is to place cards back to the top of the deck and to draw 2 cards. It doesnt even need mobc to begin an infinite draw. For the 4 cards for an infinite draw, here they are...

Cyber Vary
Machine Duplication
Dimension Fusion
Magical Inspection Technique

Thats it. If you draw these 4 cards in your first turn, you can quite shake the opponent's hand, as they are pretty much done for, like at 101%. Not sure how the infinite works? Go think. If think alr still don't get it? I recommend you don't play this deck, seriously not an easy deck to play, and the above 4 cards is pretty much the main basic combo. The only main headache you will always end up with this deck, which you will realise, is decking out. If you have at least 2 hand left when you DO deck out, you can still do the infinite win. But if you don't..... Concede bah, save each other time. In other words, you need cards in HAND, or DECK. You will understand what I mean after you guys try out this deck. If you do that is.

Hardest card to find in this deck? SERIOUSLY??? Magical Inspection Technique. Really don't know why cant find at all, even when I just needed 2. Took me ages and ages. Of course put aside old arms hole which is just at imbal price tag right now, the technique card, is highest on the hard to get list.

Alright, thats it for now. Not gonna say too much, time for you guys to work your noggins. And not that I wanna say too much, but if possible, don't say stuff like, oh, I thought of this deck already, just didnt do it blah blah. Even when I kept this deck under wraps and only just showed it last weekend, I have already heard it like over 3 times at least already. Not that I wanna claim credit for it but.... Kinda slightly pisses me off when I think so long about this deck and people just come up and say, oh, I thought about it, blah blah. SLIGHTLY only lah ah.


  1. *digs up super old post*

    Can anyone explain me what card is Magical Inspection Technique or at least what it does?

    I can't find it on Google!

  2. Magical Inspection Technique must be Magical Stone Excavation.