Friday, December 28, 2007

And a Happy New Year!

Well, my turn to post a looking back sorta post I guess, as promised on the tag board. Posting it now while my fellow blogger is off to meet his family, collect some more weaponry to dump into his arms hole, etc.

Been posting less over the last 2 months, some of you should know the reason why, *cough cough*. But anywayz, the last couple of months hasnt been that exciting anyway. Ban list hasnt affected metagame much, its still the usual destiny draw, discard disk guy, early burial sac sac LADD, blah blah blah. BORING......

Tomorrow, if nothing changes, I should be showing a new deck which will probably change everything, heh. Too sick of all the stupid LADD decks appearing. Not a deck thats exactly my style, but it works pretty well and quite proud of it, so..... Depending on mood, I may post up my deck list? Heh, not gonna really entertain questions on how to play it, so wanna learn, better watch me play. Wasnt sure I was gonna release this deck since I think I will see alot of net deckers, but hey, I've held back for 1 month, theres only 3 months left before ban list, so what the heck.

My cash flow hasnt been too high, but I also spent on some stuff here and there, like the phantom of chaos guide book, quite alot of the latest pack, I got an emperor SD (If it wasnt for DDR I will not buy one lor....).

New year wish? Hope theres some more proper tourneys coming up soon. Not as free as last time to make tourneys anymore, and to say the truth, recent tourneys have been quite a bore. Dun even really have morale to play properly *"Excuses, lose mean lose" people get lost" So yup, some proper tourneys, with some interesting prizes if you please. Wun mind paying more for tourney fees, but yah. SOMETHING!?!?!?


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