Saturday, December 8, 2007

[Card Review] Light Emperor Krais

Hi guys, when you are bored, you type crap!

Well anyway the effect is out.

Light Emperor Krais
Light/Warrior/6 stars
When this card is normal or special summoned, you may destroy up to 2 cards on the field. The controller of the destroyed card may draw cards equal to the number of cards destroyed. This card cannot attack on the turn it was summoned or special summoned.

Very cool effect! Destroying 2 cards is the next pro thing next to Mobius.

Some combos!
This + Protector of sanctuary = destroy 2 without the drawback!
This + DD Scout Plane + Swift Black Ninja = very nice draw engine!

Unless you are playing this is a special deck, you won't be putting this into normal emperor decks =/ Unless its your finishing move!


Good luck to those who are joining the tourney tomorrow! I got alot of signs (of bad luck) and I think it's telling me not to go tomorrow. I will decide again later!!!!


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