Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How To make a decently powerful Competitive deck with 60 bucks!

Hi guys!

The new structure deck contain like super pro cards like all emperors, shrink, God's Declaration and stuff.

By buying 3 SD you will get something like...

x3 of each emperor
x3 DD Scout Place
x3 DD Survivor
x3 Shrink
x3 Enemy Controller
x3 Dimension Rip
x3 Macrocosmos
x3 God's Declaration
See, it's forming into a nice Remove from game beatdown/Emperor deck thingy lol.


Dark Emperor is gay, DDR combined with Chaos Black Magician and Arms Hole is freaking insane. Dimension Chemistry is cute. I removed my own frog via its effect T_T

I was playing with Cyber Vary and stuff. Will post deck when I get it properly tuned. I think not playing for too long and hanging out with DS is influencing me.... Got one time I wanted to add Machine Duplication argh!

Well, I bought only 2 coz I am broke right now. Feel like getting the 3rd deck lol.

Short Ad: Looking for 3 Dark Flame of Demise. Please msg me if you have any! Tagboard/Email are cool!


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