Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry christmas to everyone!

I feel like the posts here too similar to Duel society... I was halfway surfing net then I realise.

Well anyways didn't have time to do any thing related to yugioh these few days. Everyday got people as me go out eat (wow guildies, yugioh friends, random friends, parents, and another at the end of the month by my poly classmates) Going broke liao T_T

I feel like I spent a ton on cards just this month even though I took a break for 3 months playing wow all the freaking time. Let's take a looking back..

- [2] Tagforce 2
- [1] Box of Phantom of Darkness
- [2] Phantom of chaos guide book
- [2] Armshole
- [2] Emperor SD
- [1] Light Emperor

As you can see, towards the end my wallet no strength liao.... No Emperor Stuum and only 1 Light Emperor lol XD

Well anyways, I'm still trying to tune into the metagame, joined 2 saturday tourneys so far both of which I got raped on the first elimination =( Damn I suck so much.

Christmas wish: Wtb more luck!


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