Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hi hi!

Blablabla yah yah I haven't been posting anything. I see the counter always jump, but you all must be disappointed right, no new post lol. Here are few reasons why!

I don't really do card reviews since well, there's only so much useful cards. Later I do some long winded combo, people scold me like "you do loh" and that kind of rubbish. And I don't really wanna write about combos that people already know. Maybe it's just me lol. I'm not like DS showing off his crazy machine combos and so on.

And I also don't exactly put up my decks even though I did in the past. Maybe cos I've been playing too much WoW. Or maybe there are no interesting Japanese deck ideas for me to steal >=P I blame the banlist. It's really just saying "hi let's all play LADD/Emperor decks!" or "hi lets just play 3 calibur 3 cydra 3 Raiou and watever is gay and powerful and chiong ahhh"

I must go and improve my "Airman taosenai!" deck liao. Been editing, adding random stuff from D hero to Malicious Edge to emperor to I dunno what the hell lah. Some serious editing is required lol. And god damn it, I misplaced my solemn judgement. I miss Smashing Ground *sniff*
*Translation: Airman cannot be defeated
**Previously known as Haoh Deck

Now you must be wondering why I have this blog! For me to crap of course! Like what I am doing right now rofl.

Ok lah, when I improve my deck into something that can fight against most of the current metagame deck then I post ok =D

*hears the crowd whispering "that would be 10 years from now"*

I'll prove you wrong you nubs!


Give you all chance! Since I didn't post for quite awhile I post more this time loh.

I do random card reviews ok!

Random card 1
E Hero Airman!

just kidding...

Ok I'm gonna talk abit about the 3 promos from WC2008 NDS game thingy.
All translation are by myself =D

Deep Diver
When this card is destroyed by battle and send to grave, at the end of battle phase, search for a monster from your deck and place it on top of the deck.

Dash guy anyone?
Dash Guy -> Ocean -> Airman!! huat ah!
Or just search for your beloved LADD. Peace.

Agony of the Strong
Continuous Magic
When this card is face up on the field, all monster on the opponent side of the field has their attack reduced by their star level x100.

Might be quite strong. Some monsters are undersized for their star level lol.
And of course popular high level will be quite sad. All become bite size =D
LADD -> 2800 -> 2000
Emperor -> 2400 -> 1800
Cydra -> 2100 -> 1600
Bloo-D -> 1900 -> 1100 (lol)

Dimensional Prison
Activate when an opponent's monster declares attack. Remove the attacking monster from game.

Damn it, how to get 3. Now can really throw Sakuretsu liao.

Happy Scenario
Ladd attack! I open random card 1! Chain 2 Dimensional Prison!! *happy moment followed by a point and laugh*

Powerful right? =D

And now... I'm gonna have difficulty getting 3....

Ok that is all, I need my sleep. Watch out for my next update in like maybe... 2 weeks lol


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